Coworkers And Problems: Ways To Deal

Problems with coworkers arise sometimes. Here are some simple and unheard of tricks that can help.

It is not rare or surprising to hear of someone who just got a great new job with a great salary, but one thing is out of place for them. They just cannot stand the people who are immediately around them on a day-to-day basis. Their environment is unbearable. No, cubicles cannot be changed like some second grade classroom to suit the sensitive and fragile. Difficult people are generally everywhere and anywhere inbetween. The only way to survive them is to either quit the job or to gather up some skills which will benefit both parties.The latter seems to be a better idea.

First, instead of lumping loud, distracting individuals together in groups, which sometimes occurs, try to identify who is the ring leader in most of the day's disruptions. Usually, it's easy to weed out the ones who are making the most disturbances and eliminate the others who are just "chiming in" and making "small office talk" to fill the day; usually, these types of people are harmless, they just get into the mix of things to "fit in." The antagonist typically gets away with this everywhere he or she goes (most likely at home, at the grocery store, at the bank--everywhere). The best thing to do is see this person as the big, laughing, idiot that they are and forget about them.

From a practical standpoint, it may also help to throw a subtle sign to this person that they are making too much noise and let them know it is very hard to hear on the "weak" telephone that you have at your desk when they are around. This usually does the trick. This way, the weak phone connection is blamed and not the person directly. The person is just making it more difficult to hear.

Another tactic to dealing with the loud and abnoxious is to not chime into their conversations when they are in a group. It may help to talk with these people at the coffeepot or when they are alone and just get a feel for their personality one on one; this way they are aware of you and your identity in the workplace and give you credit for talking with them (especially about things that they happen to like). Sharing some small jokes with them at this time is key. Avoid most talk with them in the groups and you will be safe. Small talk (very small talk) and basic friendliness seems to work for the most part.

We all know and love them. The difficult, meticulous and fussy co-workers that seem to creep into almost any work situation and environment. These people are probably even harder to deal with than the obnoxious, because there is always a "threat" in and around them. Whether it be a negative threat, physical presence, or street smarts, these types are challenging and are often intimidating to almost anyone wanting to hold down a job.

Specifically, these are the individuals who constantly criticize and pick others apart, or are two faced and dishonest. These qualities are very dangerous at the office. With these people, things have to be squared away from the get-go. They have to know that you are not to be fooled with. If things persist with these individuals, it is important to take matters to first, your boss, and second, their boss, in that order. Usually, your boss will be more compassionate about a matter that has nothing to do with your personal relationship.

Also, make sure that all work which is done around or with these individuals is written down. It may also help to put things in writing that you yourself are accomplishing and to keep samples and records of your own work. This way, no back stabbing individual can deface you and your work. You always have protection. Avoid contact with these difficult types. But, if one of them happens to be your boss, well, the best way to deal is to take the criticism constructively and continue to keep close record of your work and accomplishments. Do not take more of a liking to other departments, positions, or your personal relationship with your boss, as this will be quickly picked up and frowned upon. Keep matters low profile and do not make your unhappiness apparent to others. If you can deal with a tough boss, your can probably deal with anything that comes your way.

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