Craft And Hobby: Scrabble Tile Crafts

You can make everything from plaques to jewelry from your old Scrabble game letters. Here's some ideas and tips on how to do it.

Sooner or later it's time to get a new Scrabble game, but don't throw away the old one. There are many different crafts that you can make with Scrabble tiles. One of the simplest things you can make is a pin. Pin backings can be found at any crafting store and most craft departments. They are inexpensive and have 20 or 30 in a pack for under a couple of dollars. Choose your first initial, last initial or the initial of a friend and glue the Scrabble tile onto the pin back. If you want to put two or three tiles on the pin, but it's not wide enough, just glue the tiles together between the first and the second, and the second tile and third. After they are completely dry, glue them onto the pin back.

Make a key ring quickly and easily by first choosing the name you want to display. You can spell out the name of your astrological sign, such as "Virgo" or you can make a key ring with your initials. It's best to choose something with three to six letters on it so it won't be too short or too long. Use a small cord or thick thread and thread it through the key ring. Fishing twine or something similar is perfect since it's almost invisible but holds well. Bring the two ends of the twine together, and lay them across the letters which should be aligned in a row, face down and butted together. Glue the twine onto the backs of all the letters, then glue another row of tiles on the backside. You might not have enough letters to spell the same word on both sides, since some letters, like the "K", only appear once in the Scrabble game. When this happens, just turn the second row of letters onto the glued side of the first letters, leaving the desired name on one side and all blank tiles on the other side. After gluing all the letters together, trim the twine as closely as possible to the last set of tiles.

You can make a desk plaque in a couple of minutes by taking one of the Scrabble letter trays, aligning the letters to spell "The Boss" or your name, and gluing them onto the tray. It's best to use seven letters for this craft, but you have room for up to nine letters on the tray. If your whole name is too long, try using your first initial then last name, or just one name, like your username at your favorite web site.

Paint a piece of wood to make a door plaque with your Scrabble tiles. Attach hanging hardware for hanging on the front door, or affix to the front of the house. The letters can say "The Smiths Welcome You", or whatever you want. It can even just have your last name on it, but since one word is a little small for a plaque, it's best if you add "Welcome" or "One Thirty Two Elm Street" or another phrase. Or, a bedroom doorknob hanger can be painted and decorated, and then Scrabble tiles used to spell out "Keep Out", or "Do Not Disturb".

With a very tiny drill bit, you can drill a hole through a tile starting at the top middle and going through to the bottom middle of each tile. These can be strung to make necklaces or, if you drill side-to-side, you can make bracelets with the tiles.

Flat, magnetic sheets can be purchased and you can place the tiles on the magnetic sheet, which usually has a sticky surface. After affixing them to the sticky paper, cut out around the tiles and give them as a gift to a young child as refrigerator magnets to practice spelling. Scrabble tiles are perfect for several different scrapbook projects. You can spell out a name, place an "A" on the page with a first report card or spell out "Graduation" or any number of words or phrases for this type of craft. Other things you can do with the tiles might include making a homemade greeting card, decorating picture frames or use them to play hangman.

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