Craft Ideas: Baby Food Jar Crafts

Don't throw away baby food jars - recycle them. Here are a few craft ideas using baby food jars along with instructions on how to complete the project.

It won't take long before your child is eating table food and no longer needs the specially formulated baby foods, so save the jars while you can, to make some great crafts and gifts. As you collect the jars and lids, wash them well and remove the labels. The jars come in different shapes and sizes, depending upon whether it's beginner's baby food, junior's baby food, and who the manufacturer is. Sizes and shapes don't really matter, though, since many things can be made from these jars.

Make gel melts by heating up your mixture, pouring into the jar and refrigerating. Remove the lid when you want a wonderful scent throughout the room. Set a wick and pour a candle that can be covered with the lid when not in use, which is great for traveling. Or, fill the jars with bath salts, using a sticker label to state the scent.

Make a cute snow globe by gluing a miniature tree, reindeer and Santa on the inside of the lid. Sprinkle artificial snow or glitter until the bottom of the jar is covered, and then fill with water. Spread glue around the inside of the lid, and then screw the lid on top. After the glue has dried, turn the globe over, lid side down, and wrap a decorative ribbon around the lid. Globes don't have to be done with a Christmas theme, either. You can place miniature deer and pine trees in the globe, a Disney figurine, or set up an old-time school scene for a favorite teacher. You can also fill the clear jar with marbles, imitation jewels or colored rocks, and then paint the lid. Place a small candle on top and tie a ribbon or lace around the lid.

If you make homemade jams and jellies, you can give a friend a gift of several samples by filling the jars with the various flavors, then attaching stick-on labels stating the flavor. Lay them in a basket for a lovely gift. Paint the lid and when dry, glue fabric around the edge of the lid, hanging down to the bottom of the jar. Make sure the lid can still open after gluing. Fill the jars with relish, sugar, or other condiments to take on a picnic. In the kitchen, fill the jars with herbs and spices, and then label the jars. You can print cute labels from your home printer to affix to the front of the jar. Laminate a piece of cloth and cut it in a circle to glue to the top. Glue a ribbon or piece of lace around the lid, and then poke holes from the laminated fabric all the way through the lid. Screw the lid on and you've got a nice set of spice jars.

Make a child's game by placing various small items like one or two dice, a paper clip, a safety pin, a bean, a bead and so forth, in the jar. Fill the jar almost full. As you place the items in the jar, write down what they are. The game is played by dumping the items onto a table, then letting the children view the items for 30 seconds. Now give them each a pencil and paper and have them write down what all they remember seeing. After they're finished writing, see who got the most correct answers. It's helpful if you have a number of items that's easy to remember, like 10 or 20. They can number their paper to see how many they have so far, and how many they still need. The prize for the winner can be a baby food jar filled with candy. Decorate the lid or jar any way you wish.

In the garage, label the jars and fill them with screws, nuts, nails, washers and other small items. For craft supplies, use them to hold beads, make glitter shakers, cut a slit in the lid and place ribbon in baby food jar for easy dispensing, There are dozens of other ways to fill, color, paint, store, decorate and use the bottles, and you'll have fun experimenting with different ideas.

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