Craft Ideas For Christmas

Learn how to make two Christmas crafts by reading the easy-to-follow instructions in this article!

Christmas is undoubtedly the most popular time of the year to create craft projects. And the ideas are absolutely endless! You can create some simple crafts that you can then proudly display. Just read on and find out how:

Craft Idea Number One- This idea is a great way to recycle a blown-out lightbulb. You use the lightbulb to make a Snowman decoration. Any kind of lightbulb will do the trick too. You will need the following materials to make your own Snowman deocration: a light bulb, of course, a paint brush, a toothpick, white, black, orange, and red craft paint, some fabric, and a hanger made from cord. Make sure the light bulb is clean and free from any sort of grime before you begin. If there is any dirt on the light bulb, then the paint will not stick to its surface as well. Start out by painting the entire glass part of the light bulb with the white paint. Do not paint the base as you will cover this later. Let it dry completely before proceeding on. Then, use a toothpick and the black paint to paint on the snowman's eyes and mouth. If you can use a detail brush well, feel free to use that instead of the toothpick. A toothpick is usually easier for beginners, and that is why it was recommended. Next, paint on the cheeks by using the red paint. Then, usethe orange paint to paint on a carrot-shaped nose. Let these details dry completely before proceeding on so you don't accidentally touch or smear them. In the mean time, you can use the fabric to make a little hat and scarf for your snowman. Cut a piece of the fabric into a triangular shape. Sew it together at the seams. Then, when the paint is dry, glue it around the base of the lightbulb to completely hide it. Add a small strip of fabric and wrap it around the snowman's neck. Glue this on too. Use a piece of wire or string fr the hanger by stringing it thorugh the top of the hat, and, there you have it! Your very own Snowman decoration!

Craft Idea Number Two- This craft project is a great idea for the kids, and it would be an especially great hit at a party! It is a pinata, (pronounced pin-yah-tah), and it requires the use of several old Christmas cards, some strong craft glue, and a piece of cord for a hanger. Choose a design for your pinata. This could be a star, a Christmas tree, a candy cane, etc. Then, cut the cards into small squares or triangles. (The shapes you will need will depend on what design you have chosen.) Glue the pieces together to form the shape you have chosen. Don't worry about the shape being perfect. Just strive to make it at least resemble your chosen shape. Make sure to leave an opening. Let the item dry completely. THEN, when you are ready to use it, place candy inside the opening and glue it shut. For faster closing, you can staple it shut instead of using glue. If you have glued it, let the glue dry completely before proceeding on. Now, it is time for fun! Hang your pinata up high and the kids can play a game with it. Depending on the heights of the kids, you will want to hang it up high enough so it will not be too easy to reach with a stick. Make sure that you don't hang it up too high, though, or the kids will get bored with missing it all of the time. Then, blindfold a child by using a large handkerchief or colored bandanna. Make sure they cannot see through it! Now, allow him or her to swing at the pinata with a stick. Make a time limit for each child so that more kids will get a turn. The kid that hits the pinata hard enough to burst it open is the winner, and the kids will love gathering up the candy that will spill out everywhere! You can also fill the pinata up with small gifts too. Make sure the gifts you choose are light enough so they do not hurt anyone when they fall out.

These are two Christmas craft ideas that you will want to use over and over, year after year, to impress your family and friends!

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