Craft Projects: How To Make A Scarecrow

Learn how to make scarecrows with a broom and a few other simple household items. Tips on materials, instructions and display.

One of the fun things about gardening is adding little decorative touches to the scene. What better way to start than with a traditional scarecrow? This project uses many everyday household items, but it still may be necessary to make a run to the local hardware store for supplies. If children will be working on this project, be sure the proper adult supervision will be used while the tools are in use. Ready to start? First, gather the materials needed.

Materials Needed: Wooden handled broom with straw bristles, hammer, one or two nails, and a 1x1 piece of lumber 4 feet long. A pencil, ruler (or measuring tape), baggy long sleeved shirt, stuffing, spool of raffia (or rope), five sturdy rubber bands, straw hat, sunglasses (or other funny eyes you can glue on) and a pipe.


Step one: Place the broom upright with the bristles pointed up. (The bristles will act as the hair, so trimming them may be another option.)

Step two: Using the ruler (or measuring tape), measure six inches down from where the head of the broom joins with the wooden handle; mark this spot with the pencil.

Step three: Take the piece of lumber and the ruler (or measuring tape); measure to the center of the wood and make this spot with the pencil.

Step four: With the hammer and nails, attach the piece of lumber across the broom handle at each measured spot. (The piece of wood acts as the arms, so hammering it at an angle is an option for a more whimsical look.)

Step five: Dress the scarecrow in the long sleeved baggy shirt, make sure all the buttons or snaps are fastened. (Choosing a baggy sweatshirt is another option.)

Step six: Stuff the arms and the torso of the shirt to the thickness desired.

Step seven: Close the ends of the sleeves and the bottom of the torso with the rubber bands to prevent the stuffing from falling out. Then using the raffia (or rope), make a loop around the waste as a belt and around the wrists for added whimsy.

Step eight: Place the gloves on the ends of the "arms" holding them on with rubber bands or raffia (or rope).

Step nine: Stick the sunglasses (or funny eyes, this may need glue) directly into the bristles of the broom. (This acts as the face of the scarecrow, so the costume glasses with the nose attached would work well.)

Step ten: Stick the pipe directly into the bristles of the broom at an angle about two or three inches below its "eyes." Placement of the pipe will depend on what type of "eyes" are used for the scarecrow.

Step eleven: Place the straw hat on top of the bristles tilted slightly toward its back or to the side for a more whimsical look.

Step twelve: Stand the scarecrow up by sticking the broomstick directly into the ground. It is not necessary to fashion the end of the handle into a point; it works well just as it is.

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