Craft Projects Using Old T Shirts

Everyone has t shirts laying around that no one is wearing. Turn them into craft projects such as quilts and pillows.

Everyone seems to have lots and lots of old tee-shirts that they have collected, won, or just quit wearing. It seems as if we have some weird attachment and even though they aren't worn - they just can't be given away. So what should you do? Here are couple of craft projects you can do with old tee-shirts.

Along with a pair of jeans, socks, and pantyhose and you can make a life-size doll. Great for Halloween or parties. Here's how to do it. Stuff the panty hose first (whatever you have to stuff it with is fine) and tie the opening closed. Leave the seat part of the hose out the head opening and guide the legs through the openings in the tee-shirts to be the arms. Stuff the shirt and pants and then tuck the shirt into the pants. Stuff socks and safety pin them inside the leg openings. Now decorate the faces with scraps or cut out a magazine face and glue it on. Voila - a person.

How about a quick and easy tee-shirt pillow? These can be made in minutes and look great in a family room, office, of child's room. Sew the waist and arm bands of the tee-shirt closed. Stuff stuffing (buy cotton/poly at a fabric supply store) through the neck hole and when it reaches the desired plumpness - sew the neck hole closed.

Or if you want a rectangle pillow make a rectangle template out of cardboard (try one side of a cereal box) that will cover the pattern you want plus half an inch on each side for a seam allowance. Cut out the rectangle. You can cut out a solid from the same shirt or make a reversible design by using two different tee-shirts. Sew the rectangles right sides together leaving a four inch opening in the bottom to turn right side out and stuff with cotton/poly stuffing. When done stuffing - sew the opening closed.

Maybe you have a lot of tee-shirts you want to display. Then a quilt is the solution for you. You can use a rectangle or square cardboard template. Make sure that it will cover the largest of your tee-shirt designs with a seam allowance of half an inch. Decide on how many tee-shirts wide and how many tee-shirts long you want it. You can make it any size you want. Once you have all the tee-shirts cut out lay them out into the design you want and stitch them together. When you have them all stitched together, buy quilt batting and material for the back (a sheet works well). You can then quilt them by hand or machine with designs or you can tie quilt it. To tie quilt use embroidery thread and pull it to the bottom from the top and then back to the top. Trim it so you have two equal ends on top and tie a knot. Do this in a pattern all over the quilt. If you want to get fancy when piecing you can buy material and use it as spacers between the tee-shirts.

If you have small emblems on the tee-shirts you can make them into bean bag toss toys for children. Using a small square or round template cut out a front and back for each toy. Sew them right sides facing each other leaving a gap. Turn right side out and fill with beans. Stitch opening closed.

These are just a few of the ways you can turn tee-shirts into crafts. Have fun crafting!

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