Crafts With Kids: Homemade Bird Feeder

It is easy and fun to make an attractive birdfeeder with your kids. This project will bring nature to your doorstep.

On a rainy weekend afternoon when there is nothing left to do, don't head for the movies! Sit down with your kids and make a fun, easy craft project that can be enjoyed all year. Make a birdhouse with the kids. Don't worry, this project is easy for the kids, but it also looks great hanging in your front yard.


1 pre-made wooden birdhouse, unpainted

2 jars of peanut butter

butter knives


chain or rope

The seeds can be bought from the pet aisle but they don't have to be. You can buy bags of any seed variety that you want to use. Flax seeds are great for this project as are sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, and sesame seeds. You can get creative or just go the easy route and buy prepackaged bird feed from a store.


Wash the birdhouse and allow it to dry.

Lay newspaper or waxed paper over the table or workstation before beginning. Birdseeds and peanut butter can make for a messy cleanup, so cover the table to make cleaning much easier.

Step-by-step instruction:

1) Gather all of the necessary materials, birdseed, peanut butter, knives and of course the birdhouse before you begin.

2) Give a butter knife to each child and the adult. Have the adult dip the butter knife into the peanut butter, scoop some out, and spread it evenly on one side of the birdhouse.

3) After demonstrating in a small area. Let the kids try it in a small area one at a time. When everyone has had a turn and knows what they are doing, assign sides to each person. For example, an adult takes the roof, one child takes the front, another the back, etc.

4) Start covering the entire birdhouse in peanut butter. Don't leave any patches untouched.

5) When the house is thoroughly slathered in peanut butter, it is time to cover the house in seeds. You can start by sprinkling the seeds on, but that might prove to be ineffective. For the roof, pour some seeds on to the covered table and spread them out evenly. Dip one side of the slanted peanut butter covered roof into the seeds and press it there for a few seconds. Turn it over and fill in any bare spots by pressing a palm full of seeds into the peanut butter

6) Using the palm full of seed, cover the rest of the birdhouse in seeds. Don't leave any areas uncovered.

7) Shake off any excess seed onto the covered table.

8) You don't need to let the birdhouse sit and dry before hanging. Hang the seed covered birdhouse on a branch of a tree that can clearly be seen from either a porch or a window in the house. This way, the birdhouse will bring birds right into plain sight so the kids can enjoy their craft project everyday.

A great thing about this craft project is that the birdhouse can be taken down, washed and recovered in peanut butter and birdseed as soon as the birds have picked over the selection of seeds.

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