Crafts For Kids: Mother's Day Craft Ideas For Preschoolers

These simple Mother's Day craft ideas are fun for children to make.

Mother's Day is a special opportunity for children to show their mothers just how much she is appreciated. While mom is grateful for any gift, there is no reason why the gifts children make cannot be extraordinary. Here are some unique gift ideas that moms are sure to love and cherish.


Melt chocolate chips, a bit of milk, and a dash of vanilla extract in a microwave. Dip two plastic spoons in the chocolate and let it harden in the refrigerator overnight. Decorate plastic coffee cups by gluing paper flowers on the outside. These flowers can be cut from construction paper or cut out of napkins with spring flowers on them. Once the chocolate on the spoons has solidified, wrap them in plastic wrap. Colored plastic wrap can add an extra flair. Put the wrapped spoons in the cup, and each mother will have a spoon for herself and one to share with the child.


Purchase a small plain wooden box with a lid. These are available at craft stores and most discount stores. Have the child paint the box any pastel color. When the box is dry, fill it with Hershey's Kisses and Hugs. Have the child decorate a notecard with XOXOs and use it as a gift tag.


For these special sunflowers, you will need a small clay pot, green Styrofoam, yellow construction paper, paint, markers, wire sticks or Popsicle sticks, and a picture of the child. Have the child decorate the outside of the pot with paint and markers and set it aside to dry. Cut a sun with triangular rays out of the yellow construction paper. Glue the picture of the child in the center of the sun. If necessary, just cut out the child's face and glue it to the sun. Glue the sun picture to the Popsicle stick (or wire). Press the green Styrofoam into the pot, and insert the Popsicle stick or wire into the foam. Now the child will have a special sunflower to deliver to his mother.


On a plain, large ceramic tile, write "I Love You" or Happy Mother's Day" on the top edge with permanent markers. Along the bottom, have the child write his or her name in permanent marker. Apply tempura paint to the child's hand and put a handprint in the center of the tile. Allow the words and paint to dry, and then apply a layer of shellac. This keepsake is not just precious, but highly useful as well!


These hand towels are fun to make and mother's will cherish them. You will need a white hand towel and a few colors of puffy paint. At the bottom of the towel, write the child's name. Thoroughly cover the child's palm and fingers with paint and make a handprint in the center of the towel. The child can make a dotted border at the top and bottom of the towel with her thumbprint. Let the towel dry overnight, and the towel is ready to use. Mom may use if first to dab her tears of joy!


Cut out a 2 inch by 8 inch strip of construction paper. Using their fingers and paint, have the child stamp different colored fingerprints on one side of the paper. When the paint is dry have the child draw petals around their fingerprints and stems. An adult may have to draw the petals and stems if the children are too young to complete the flowers themselves. On the opposite side, write, "I love Mommy because"¦" and fill in the blank with the child's response. Children respond with cute reasons! Seal the bookmark in clear contact paper. Punch a hole in the top with a paper punch and tie a ribbon through it. Moms will love their fingerprint flowered bookmarks and their child's reason why he loves her!


For this project, you will need a garden glove, false fingernails, potpourri, decorative items such as beads, fake flowers, etc., and craft glue. First, stuff the fingers of the glove with cotton balls. Glue the false fingernails on the tips of the glove, and decorate the rest of the glove with beads, flowers, or any other decorative item. Fill the palm portion of the glove with the potpourri, and secure the top with the ribbon.


Take an old shoe of the child's and either spray paint it gold or let the child paint it with gold metallic paint. Once the shoe is dry, have the child plant a hearty flower (such as marigolds) in a small paper cup and place it inside the shoe. This is a great memento for moms!


Cut various colors of tissue paper into inch squares. Have the child glue the pieces onto a small, empty clean baby food jar in any fashion he or she wishes. After the glue is dry place a votive candle in the jar. When the candle is lit it is quite pretty.

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