Crafts For Kids: Mother's Day Crafts For Toddlers

Toddler friendly Mother's Day craft projects that are sure to win Mom's heart.

Toddlers may have limited abilities when it comes to crafting, but they're never too young to express their love for Mom. Read on for several toddler-friendly Mother's Day craft projects that are sure to leave both Mom and your toddler feeling special.

Handprint bouquet- If your toddler enjoys getting messy, a handprint bouquet may just be the perfect Mother's Day project. Purchase some finger paint from your local craft store, then have your child make several handprints on a piece of paper. Once the paint has dried, use a marker to draw a stem from each handprint to create a bouquet of hands. You can even add a flowerpot or vase to complete the effect. If you have several children, ask each child to contribute a handprint to the bouquet. Either way, Mom is sure to treasure this unique keepsake.

Framed art- For a quick and easy Mother's Day craft just purchase a picture frame with a plain photo mat. Then, have your toddler draw a picture on the mat using crayons or markers. Once your toddler is satisfied with his masterpiece, place it back in the frame along with a photo of Mom and the child. (To make the gift extra special, write Mother's Day and the year along the bottom of the photo mat.)

Custom magnet- Turn your toddler's artwork into a permanent addition to the fridge by helping him create a magnet for Mom. Just sit your toddler down at the table with a box of crayons and a piece of paper, and let him go to work creating a masterpiece. Then, when he is finished, take the drawing to your local print shop, and ask them to turn it into a magnet. (You can have them shrink or enlarge the image to create whatever size magnet you want.)

Stepping stone- Help Mom freeze time by creating a stepping stone with a mold of your toddler's hands. Purchase a stepping stone kit from your local craft store, and follow the instructions on the box to mix the concrete. Then, pour the mixture into the mold and have your child press his hands into the concrete to form a lasting impression of his handprints. To embellish the stepping stone further, have your toddler push small tiles, beads, shells or other objects into the concrete while it is still wet. (Note: Don't forget to put the date on the stepping stone for future reference. To accomplish this, just use a pencil or stick to etch the information into the concrete while it is still wet.

Life-size card- A Mother's Day card is nice, but a gigantic card is even better. Have your child lie on top of a large sheet of cardboard, and then use a marker to trace around his body. Next, cut along your trace lines to complete the life-sized image of your child. Then give your toddler some time to decorate the cut out. Finish by writing a message to Mom on the card, and placing it somewhere that Mom is sure to find it.

Take the time to help your toddler create a special gift for Mom this Mother's Day. It's a small effort for the lifetime of memories that are sure to follow.

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