Crafts Made with Laminate Floor Tiles

By Jessica Westover

After a redecorating project, you might find yourself with leftover laminate floor tiles. Instead of tossing them out or letting them otherwise go to waste, use them to create decorative pieces of art for your home. Laminate tiles can be turned into photo tiles, place mats, wall art or even miniature chalkboards.

Photo Tiles

Create personalized photo tiles by attaching favorite family photos to the surface of laminate floor tiles. Paint the surface of the tiles with acrylic paint or glue on a piece of decorative scrapbook paper to create a background for the photograph. Paint on a coat of decoupage glue/sealer and press the photo onto the desired position on the tile. Brush on another layer of decoupage glue/sealer over the photograph and let the tile sit overnight to dry. Display your photo tiles on a coffee table or mantel using decorative photo easels or attach a metal hanger on the back to hang on a wall.

Place Mats

Create durable place mats for your dining room table with laminate floor tiles. Measure and cut out squares of felt equal in size to the tiles. Use craft glue to attach the felt to the back of the tiles. Decorate the top of the tiles by painting designs onto them or decoupaging a collage of pictures over their surface. Apply a coat of clear lacquer spray over your work to create a smooth, glossy surface that is easy to clean.

Wall Art

Use leftover laminate floor tiles as bases for decorative wall art. Cut the tile as desired using a handheld cutting tool and a tile diamond wheel. Sand the cut edges using sandpaper or a handheld rotary tool and sanding accessories. Stick vinyl letters over the surface of the tiles to assemble a favorite quote. Cover the surface of the tiles with coordinating colors and designs of scrapbook paper, portions of maps, fabric or tissue paper. Finish the pieces by applying a coat of spray acrylic over their surfaces for protection. Attach a saw tooth hanger to the backside of each tile and hang them in groups on a living room wall for display.

Miniature Chalkboards

Turn extra laminate floor tiles into miniature chalkboards for your children or to hang in your home for personal use. Sand lightly the surface of the tile with an oscillating tool and sanding accessories to smooth out any uneven portions. Apply one coat of primer over the tile's surface and let it dry completely. Paint over the coat of primer with chalkboard paint. Let the tile sit in a dry, well ventilated area for three days. Run a piece of chalk over the dry chalkboard paint and then erase it to prepare it for use.

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