Crafts with Metal Letters

By Jessica Westover

Metal letters can be used to create crafts that include names, labels or sayings. The letters come in a variety of types, sizes and finishes to give your craft the desired look. Metal letters are sturdy and can withstand the elements, making them appropriate for both outdoor and indoor craft projects.

Garden Signs

Create rustic garden signs using metal letters to label your vegetable or flower patch. Use a jigsaw to cut out 3-inch wide and 12 to 20-inch long rectangles from 1/2-inch thick board. Attach a thin wooden stake to the back of each board using a hammer and nails. Paint or stain the signs. Nail or glue the metal letters onto the center of the sign to create words such as Corn, Peas, Pumpkins or Sunflowers. Stick the completed signs in your vegetable garden at the head of the corresponding rows or place them in your flower garden near the correct flower variety.

Bedroom Door Plaques

Use metal letters to craft name plaques to hang on your children's bedroom doors or to give as gifts. Use a saw to cut out a 12-inch long by 4-inch wide rectangle from 1-inch thick board. Sand the edges with a rotary tool and sanding accessories or use a sanding sponge. Apply a coat of primer to the sign and then paint it in the child's favorite color. Glue or nail metal letters across the center of the board to create the child's name. Hand paint or decoupage pictures of flowers, stars, hearts, musical notes, baseballs, footballs or cars around the edges of the plaque depending upon the child's interests. Attach a sawtooth metal hanger to the back of the plaque and hang it on the child's bedroom door.

Letter Blocks

Create individual wooden blocks that contain metal letters to spell out a holiday greeting, family name or favorite saying. Purchase or cut out 2 to 4-inch square wooden blocks. Stain or paint the blocks to the desired color. Sand the edges of the blocks to give them a distressed look. Attach a single metal letter to the center of one side of each block. Stack or line the blocks in order on a shelf, mantel, side table or coffee table to spell out the name, greeting or saying for display.


Include metal letters in a scrapbook or wall collage to provide texture and interest while personalizing the piece. Spell out names, places, dates or descriptive words such as Love, Home, Fun or Summer with the letters. Use metal letters as the first letter of a word and write in the remaining letters next to it by hand. Spell out the names of each family member on a photo collage or combine letters to make initials. The metal letters will stand out in the collage providing emphasis to the word in which they are included.

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