Crafts For Valentine's Day

Fun craft ideas for Valentine�s Day gifts and decorations.

Valentine's Day is a wonderful time to stretch your creative muscles and make pretty things for your home, and gifts for others. The following ideas are simple, low cost, and can be made from items you find around the house. They are suitable for all ages, as long as adults supervise cutting and handling of sharp objects for little ones. Supplies that you will need for these projects include: heavy and lightweight art papers or lightweight cardboard; an old cardboard box; construction paper; non-toxic, white glue; lightweight trinkets that can be glued onto items, such as glitter, sequins, acorn caps, tiny flowers, buttons, etc; magic markers and crayons; yarn or ribbon; scissors; single hole puncher; and patterns to make hearts of varying sizes, such as cookie cutters or handmade patterns drawn on paper or cardboard.

1. Make your own, unique Valentine's Day cards. Begin by using heavy art paper, construction paper, or lightweight cardboard as your base. Fold it in half so that it makes the shape you want it to be when finished. Now cut out shapes in the construction paper, in order to decorate the outside of the card. Heart shapes are always in vogue for this holiday but you can make any abstract art with your scraps. Use the glue to paste your art on the outside of the card, and add any words with the magic markers.

For the inside, use a smaller sheet of white or colored paper. Use the magic markers to create a message and additional art. Now glue the inside sheet, right side up, to the inside of the base sheet. Allow a margin to show around the edges. When the glue is dry, fold the card in half. Then use the hole puncher to make two holes on the right side of the card. Weave a piece of yarn or ribbon through the holes and tie the card together with a bow, so that the recipient will have to untie it in order to read it.

2. Make a wreath of hearts for your door. Take the cardboard box and cut a circle out of one side. Then cut another circle inside, to make it a donut shape. Cut construction paper into strips and glue them all around the circle to make a background for your wreath. Now trace heart shapes of varying sizes onto contrasting colors. Use your imagination as you practice arranging the hearts of various sizes all around the wreath. Glue them down only when you are sure that you are happy with the look. Add additional items for color and interest. These items could be anything, ranging from dandelions out of your yard, to acorn tops, to glitter, bottle tops, or even magazine pictures.

3. Make holiday swag for your wall. Cut various sized heart shapes from construction paper, art paper or cardboard. Decorate them by gluing on other, smaller hearts and shapes, glitter, or other lightweight items. Use the hole puncher to make a hole on the left and right top lobe of each heart. Now cut pieces of yarn or ribbon that is 8-10 inches long. Use one piece of yarn or ribbon to tie two hearts together, right lobe to left lobe, with a bow. Continue tying the hearts together until you have a chain of hearts. Use the yarn or ribbon to make a tie on the last heart of each side. Then use the ties to hang your heart swag up as a wall decoration.

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