How To Create Black Hair With Blond Highlights

Black hair with blonde highlights is not only popular amongst punk rockers, artists and musicians, but with a more conservative crowd also.

The art of hair coloring has positively progressed with technology. Hair color isn't as obvious as it was once upon a time. Modern hair color chemicals are less harsh on the hair. Color blending has increased the discreetness of hair color. Highlights are many women's choice to add subtle, more natural color to their hair.

Ironically, the technique that was born to give more natural and subtle coloring can be used for a radical look. Highlights are usually in the same color range as the base hair color. But what if one wanted to have black hair with blonde highlights. Is it possible? Yes, it is.

The first thing one needs to do is dye their complete head of hair black. This must be done with a rinse, and not a permanent color. That's because a rinse is more of a coating, as oppose to a shaft penetrating color. Therefore it is easier to remove when applying the highlights.

Immediately after the rinse has been processed, comb the hair straight back, and put on a highlight cap. A highlight cap resembles a swimmer's cap. The only difference is the highlight cap has very small holes. Using a rat-tail comb, pull small sections of the hair completely through the holes.

With the cap on, wash the hair that is pulled through the holes. Soak it in clarifying shampoo. Rinse and repeat. This should remove the majority of the freshly applied hair rinse, on the exposed hair. The hair is now ready to be "lifted".

Lifting is a procedure used to remove natural or artificial hair color from the shaft. It is done to prepare the hair for an application of new color. This process is primarily done to take dark hair to a very light color. The lift comes in liquid and cream form. After applying it to exposed hair only, let it penetrate and completely rinse out. Now the hair is ready for hair color.

Apply desired shade of blonde color to exposed hair. Following the manufacturer's instructions, process and then rinse out. Remove the cap and apply conditioner to all of the hair. Rinse and style as usual.

Over time, the black rinse will fade from the hair. You will have to re-rinse the complete head of hair black. The previously highlighted hair, of course, will be lighter. It may even take on a bluish or greenish tinge. Section the hair into four to ten loose ponytails (depending on how many original highlight you had). Single out the previously highlighted hair and either re-rinse black, or lift for re-highlighting.

Using highlights to get a dramatic look is possible. The technique invented for subtlety can be re-invented for a dramatic flair. Black hair with blonde highlights is not only popular amongst punk rockers, artists and musicians, but with a more conservative crowd also. This is a great Halloween look for people who normally wear their hair black. After the holiday is over, returning to black is very easy. No matter what your background returning to all black is very easy. No matter what your background, black hair with blonde highlights can be fun.

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