Create A Cheap Halloween Costume

Here are some tested tips to create a cheap Halloween costume because Halloween and costume party costumes can be expensive to buy or rent.

Costume parties are fun, but they can be inordinately expensive to rent, purchase, or buy the materials to make one from scratch. There is a solution: you can lessen the cost and the time with several tried and true methods. If you have more time of course the cost will be less, since you will purchase fewer ready made items.

First things first, whether you are purchasing or making your costume you must decide what or who you are portraying. Does the party have a theme? Are you looking for something fanciful, or something serious? Once you have decided upon the costume you will need to determine what you will need to bring it to life.

Do a little research; find a picture or a sketch of what you want. Look at the details. For instance, hairstyles also went through periods of fashion so make sure you can create the appropriate look, either with your hair or a wig to match your character.

Don't overlook your own comfort. Wearing a costume that weighs 15lbs for a short period is one thing, but to wear it for several hours will take away from you enjoyment. If necessary, modify your costume to conform to modern standards of comfort. You really don't need 7 petticoats to create the fullness in your dress, as much as you need the fullness, starch and a few extra ruffles will create the same look with a lot less weight.

Also consider your movement, if your costume has wings, are you going to be tangling them with other costumed guests, or furniture, will you be able to move comfortably?

Now that you have considered all the details that go into your costume you are ready to start putting your costume together. Start with the main piece. Can you find something in your closet that can be modified to match your idea? If not then you will probably need to either make it from scratch or visit a second hand store for a garment or two that can be modified.

When you are sewing your costume together, use shortcuts, such as fusible mending tape. This will help shorten the time you need to spend making your costume. Unless your character requires it for accuracy's sake, don't worry about making your costume form fitting, as long as it doesn't look like you are a little child dressing in your parents clothes an exact fit is not necessary.

The extras that make your costume unique are usually fairly simple; a red stocking stuffed and stitched at the toe end to make a fork becomes a tail for a devil. A striped sock becomes a cat's tail, if you want to make it hold a certain shape then florist wire, or a coat hanger straightened and then re-bent will work wonderfully.

Wings and halos can be created from starched gauze and florist wire. A sword, or scepter from a wrapping paper tube covered with foil, and shaped. A top hat from construction paper and poster board. If you need a wig, then a cheap one from a second hand store can be curled, and set to achieve the desired look.

Don't neglect your shoes, but comfort is more important than accuracy, since you will be on your feet and sore feet can ruin an otherwise delightful time. If you can't find a pair to match the costume, then find the closest thing that is comfortable. Very few will fault you for insuring your feet are comfortable.

Use your imagination, and have fun. Part of the fun of going to a costume party whether you are a child or an adult is in the planning and putting together the perfect one of a kind costume.

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