Create a cottage style living room

Cottage style decorating is simple if you follow a few simple rules.

Cottage style decorating is reasonably simple, and easy to achieve if you follow a few simple rules.

First clear out all of the things in your room that you do not need or use that is taking up unnecessary space. Keep in mind that the cottage style decorating philosophy is "less is more".

Pull the wall color from the materials that you plan to use in the room. Usually one will stay with the lightest to medium tones of these colors. Paint the walls as needed.

Moving on to the furniture you must first examine what you already have. I have found that older tables, bookcases, and cabinets lend their self better to the cottage style. Try to find pieces that are stressed, crackled, painted, or chipped. This has a warm cozy appeal that says I can be used. Old wicker rockers or regular wicker chairs also look good in a cottage style room. If you need to purchase these you can find them in most used furniture stores. You can wash them with paint, paint and stress them, or use a crackle finish on them. This is a cheap and easy way to do these projects yourself. If you do not own any wicker pieces look for a large ottoman (this will play in later on when decorating your room).

Now we move on to the floors. Usually wood and tile floors do better in cottage style rooms. If you wish you can paint a diamond or a square pattern on a floor by taping off the pattern you wish and paint wash the floor. Stress it a little to make it look worn, and put a protective coat on the floor when you are finished. You can also find the center of the floor and do the same processes with a stencil such as a star or a floral in a darker stain. Then put a coat of varnish on the floor after stressing it to make it look older and worn.

We now come to the most important part of the cottage decorating experience; the materials and patterns. This is where your romantic and passionate side begins to show. Please do not limit your choices on this example that is given. The choices are endless. Always pick your materials first, and pull the colors for the walls from the colors in your patterns.

Example: Choose a bold print like a cabbage rose floral print. Then find a green from that print that you like, and buy a coordinating striped material. The third coordinating material should be a red or pink (whatever your cabbage rose color is), and then buy a check or plaid material.

Now look at your couches, chairs, and ottoman, and use your bold print (usually your rose) for the base of your slip covers. Use the checks for the ruffles and chording, and the stripe for the skirting of the slip covers. After this is done do these steps in reverse for the cushions, pillows and ties (just get in there and mix it up). After this is done repeat the same steps on your curtains. If you want a valance or shades for your window(s) mix the balance color in with the print and stripe. Make your tie backs with the checked material or reverse the whole thing, and use the rose print for the tie backs. Remember this is not a pattern so mix it the way it looks good to you. With the three prints you can not go wrong make it yours! Do not limit your colors you can use yellow, purple, red, or pink flowers (whatever color you like). Your second and third materials should be checks, plaids, stripes, floral, or calicos. Whether it is small prints or bold prints the possibilities are endless.

We now move on to decorating the walls and tables. Try to keep things to a minimum, remembering less is more. Bring in your favorite books, magazines, a few candles, some photos, and use a few of your collectables scattered about the room. A single rose sometimes is better than a dozen. For the walls use simple prints in stressed frames, a paint washed corner shelf, and maybe an old paint washed board with old hooks or old doorknobs for hooks. This makes a charming coat or hat rack.

Once you have reached this point live in your room for a while, and then make adjustments slowly. Remember this is your room so pick colors and prints that strike your romantic and passionate personality, if you do your room will sure to be a great success.

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