Create A Fun Company Newsletter

These are things to do and ways to create a company newsletter that is fun for the employees.

Make your company newsletter exciting and fun. No one likes to take the time to write a newsletter only to have it thrown in the garbage when it is handed out to the employee.

If you make them fun, the employee will look forward to each and every issue. They will ask when the next issue can be expected and remark on the one that you just handed out.

The first thing that you should do is elect an employee of the month. You as the editor can do this yourself or you can take a vote. No employee should be featured twice in any year. This only causes resentment between the employees and everyone wants to be a featured employee. It makes them feel valuable.

What you can do is hand out a questionnaire to the employees with a list of all the employees and who they would like to vote for. Then take the majority of the votes and make that employee the Employee of the month. Give the employee a form to put her hobbies on and things that interest her. Things that she would like people to know about her or him.

Next have a section for any new employees and have them fill out a questionnaire telling where they came from, where they formerly worked and their hobbies, things that they want people to know about them. Always give a time frame for them to complete the questionnaire in. If they do not turn it in before the time frame that you have given them, then you as the editor can make things up about them. This is where the fun comes in. Many times they do not fill them out and you can put silly things in, like collects sand at the beach, likes to go mosh pit dancing. Any silly thing that you can think of, the employee is aware that you can write anything that you want because you have, of course, added this to the questionnaire.

Take a picture of the Employee of the month and scan it, so that you can insert it into the newsletter. If you have a digital camera, that will be even better. This adds a special touch to all the newsletters. If your company is willing to buy color cartridges for you then you can print them out for the company on your printer, or take the master copy of the newsletter to a copy shop that copies in color. If your company already has a colored photo copier then all the better.

Save a section for current events of the company, such as a company picnic, Christmas party, things of this nature. Put the event and the time and place in so that the employee can refer back to it for the information.

Add a funny saying to the newsletter with a little cartoon or icon. These can be found online in many places. You can put something like, "Frogs Have It Made, They Eat What Bugs Them", silly things like that.

If an employee is getting married or has recently gotten married or had a baby you can put that in the newsletter with the information on the baby. Also if someone has moved or purchased a new home, these are things that can be put into the newsletter. Just lighten it up and make it for the employee. If the company wants serious news to go out to the employees they can do this in a inter office memo. These newsletters should be fun.

Once you start this, you will be asked to do them every month. The employees really like this. Try to get the employees involved in helping you with ideas for the newsletter. Everyone likes to feel needed and this is a wonderful way to get the employees involved and to feel that their input is important.

If you have Microsoft Word, or one of the other word processors that have a template for a newsletter this is all the better. If you have no templates then you can just use your own style. Remember that the important thing is to make this fun for the employees and yourself.

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