Create A Garden Journal

Learn how to create a garden journal. Helpful information on what to keep in your journal and how to use it to further your gardening hobby.

Gardening is a relaxing hobby that anyone can do. Creating a garden journal can make your gardening hobby exciting. A garden journal helps keep track of your achievements and future ideas. Keep notes,drawings and collections of gardening relating topics in your journal. With a simple notebook or binder you can create a garden journal of your own.

Notes in your garden journal can be detailed or vague. Write information about the years growing

conditions. Make a monthly account of the weather conditions, including any important points like excessive rain. Track soil conditions and any testing you do. Have a special section for contact information

of garden centers, services and gardening friends. Also keep information on websites, groups or organizations that provided help to you. The biggest part of your notes kept will be on the actual plants you grow. Write about how you started the plant - from seed, a cutting, etc. Put the date you planted it in your

garden. Give your observations of the growth throughout the season, including any problems, like bugs or disease. These notes are ongoing, so you need to make sure you can add pages as needed to keep your journal organized. You can also add poems or just general thoughts to make the journal your own. Write about anything that you think is noteworthy.

Its been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so include drawings or snapshots in your garden journal. Draw maps or take a picture of your garden areas, so you can keep track of your work. Draw or take pictures of each kind of plant you have. You can include captions with your pictures that tell what you like or don't like about the subject. Map out future garden plans. Be sure to label map ideas so you aren't

confused when you look at them later. Draw or take pictures of other gardens and plants you have seen that you like. Making a visual area in your garden journal will help jog your memory and also provide a tool to find new and exciting things to add to your garden.

The final area of your garden journal should be pockets or an envelope to hold a collection of loose items.

Make pressings of leaves or flowers that you really liked. Keep seed packets and plastic markers from your plants, so if you need to replace them or buy additional plants you know the exact item you need. Cut pictures or articles from magazines of ideas you would like to try or plants you would like to add to your

garden. Use paint sample strips from the local hardware store to show your garden colors. Having an envelope as part of your garden journal will give you more freedom to collect loose items of interest.

Creating your own garden journal should be a fun experience, not a chore. Make it your own style by taking the ideas given here and expanding on them as you see fit. Your journal can also give you something to do if you only garden part of the year. Make a garden journal part of your gardening routine and you will always be able to look at your achievements. Show off your garden journal to others because, who knows,you may inspire someone else to get caught up in the gardening hobby.

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