How To Create Your Own Newsletter

Follow these guidelines to create your own newsletter and gain public enthusiasm in the process.

The best way to be successful with your newsletter adventure is to enjoy the topic you will be writing about or have a passion for the events in your community. Whether you want to publicize more information on sports or rodeos, you can get people's attention and enthusiasm by spreading around your own excitement.

First, decide whether it will be a free newsletter and something you only want to do for pleasure and not income. This is usually how most newsletters start and the potential to expand to income-producing is always there. That is the way to at least get started and learning more about how to put out the best publication possible. The experience you gain will be worth millions and can even be put on future resumes.

Then decide who or where your publication will be available. If you want it sold or available free at retail stores, you will need to make a list of potential places. Oftentimes, combining retail with subscription works well. That way people who don't always get to the place that sells the newsletter can still receive a copy. Unless you don't think you could cover the cost of mailing free newsletters out and need people to only pick them up where available.

Either way, free or for a minimal charge, you will need some way to cover costs of printing the newsletter. This is where advertising comes in. If you feel you cannot attract any advertisers without a finished product as a sample for them to see, consider doing one or more issues without financial support just so you can have some issues under your belt. From there, you can start attracting people to your effort.

Who you want to advertise depends on what kind of topic you are covering. For someone writing a newsletter about horses and related subject, checking in with feed stores and tack shops would be a good start. When approaching potential advertisers, have a speech in mind already. For instance, you need to know where the newsletter will be available so the advertiser can get an idea of how many people it will reach. This way they can decide whether or not they find it useful. A good way to encourage subscriptions is by telling them how the newsletter is totally local and their support means they are supporting the community as a whole. If your ad rates are reasonable enough, most people will take you up on the offer for at least one issue. And then you have more experience in running ads and the potential to gain more advertisers next issue.

Depending on whether you do a newsletter monthly or bimonthly. you need to consider advertising rates and ability to reach deadlines. This is often the demise of many new publications, not being able to keep up with the original goals and demands. Over time, you may also find you need to alter your idea of what success with your newsletter means and how you can best keep it afloat.

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