How to Create a PDF File From a JPG

Initial Steps Visit the PrimoOnline homepage to begin converting your existing JPG files into a PDF document. Once you have arrived on the homepage, enter a valid email address to have the converted file sent to you. Choose a JPG file that is already on your computer hard drive or enter a URL from a website. Select the "File" option to create a PDF file and browse through the available JPG files on your computer system. Once you are ready, highlight the file and then click the "Open" button to add it. You can also use an image that is already published on the web to create a PDF. Get the exact URL address of the chosen image by right-clicking it and then picking the "Properties" link. Copy the URL displayed next to the image properties section. Paste this copied URL in the "Convert From" section and it will be part of the conversion process. Click the "Create PDF" button at the bottom of the page. Within a few minutes, you'll receive an email containing a link to your converted PDF file. Open the email sent to you and click the attachment included inside of it. The JPG image you previously had will be conveniently converted into a PDF file for you to send across the Internet. Change your standard JPG file into a PDF document by converting it on the Document Converter Express homepage. Make sure the "Output Format" is set to "PDF" to begin the process. In the "Compatibility" section, choose "Acrobat 7.0" option for the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader. You'll also have the chance to change default resolution, add PDF encryption and a watermark. Click the "Browse" button to locate the JPG file to be converted. In the "Delivery Method" area, decide if you would like to wait for the new file to be converted in the browser window or receive it in an email. If you decide to receive the file in an email address, enter a valid email address in the available space. Press the "Upload and Convert" button at the bottom of the page to begin creating a PDF file from your JPG. PDF Printer Download the PDF995 printer to your computer system by visiting the homepage. Select the one step download that allows you to combine and extract PDF documents. With this free version, you'll be presented with a display page from a sponsor in your web browser. This will happen each time that you run the application. If you would rather not have this occur, you'll be able to purchase the application for a fee. Install the necessary files onto your computer to successfully run the PDF995 printer. It will automatically appear as a printer on your computer system. When you are ready to print anything, just select the PDF995 printer to complete the job. If you are trying to decrease the amount of paper clutter in your home or office, consider making the PDF995 printer as your default printer. Add the CutePDF Writer to your current list of installed printers. Download the free tool from its homepage without worrying about viewing an advertiser's page or a watermark with the company's logo. Save the file on your computer system and follow the instructions to install CutePDF Writer onto your computer. Open the JPG file that you would like to convert into a PDF document. Once the image has been opened, begin the conversion process by selecting the print function. When the printer pop-up window opens, change the printer name from your regular printer device to the PDF printer installed. Press the "OK" button to instantly create a PDF from a JPG. A "Save As" window will appear for you to choose a location to save the file and to change the name if you decide to. Click the "Save" button and the document will be converted.

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