Creating Custom Clothing Labels

How to customize labels for your clothing--be it homemade clothing or store bought clothing.

For those people who love to sew and want to give items to someone special, or even sell their wares, adding a personalized label can done be very easily. Whether the label will be the brand name, Designs by Me, or a child's name tag, it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to produce--or look homemade. Experiment with the following tips and find out which one is feasible to the look you want to create or promote.

For artsy designers, there is a simple solution--try using 3-D Fabric Paint. Tulip brand paints are very affordable, come in a staggering rainbow of colors, and are easy to apply. Take a piece of cotton material and cut up as many tags as necessary for the clothing line or items to be given to someone. Make the labels about 1.5 inches wide and about 1-half inch tall. If the edges of the labels are to be stitched, make allowance of about one-fourth of an inch all around. Once stitched, get out the paints and lay the labels onto a clean, dry, flat surface. The labels can even be ironed before painting if it will help to keep the labels flatter. Take the paint and experiment on something larger to get the feel of how much paint is to be dispensed when drawing or writing and how thick the lines will be. Once the technique has been mastered, it is time to personalize the labels. Draw a small flower or symbol, or just write the name of the garment, child, or style being used to identify the item. The labels will take about 30 minutes to dry, can be machine-washed once sewn into the garment and will not crack for many washings.

If the person creating the labels does not want to use 3-D paint, they can try sewing stitched labels using the embroidery foot on the sewing machine and simply machine-embroider the words onto the label. Then sew the label to the inside collar or the outside sleeve of the garment. Some sewing machines will have a foot to make flowers, etc. for even more personal items.

Cross-stitching is another option to create that personalized clothing label. Using embroidery thread, create the design and/or name on the tag. As cross-stitching and needlepoint have so many different strokes available, the design potential is unlimited.

Finally, try Fabric Marking Pens. There are several brands of fabric paint pens, and there is also the Sharpie pen, which is a permanent marker. The Sharpie comes in about twenty colors, and three widths. The pen is the easiest to control and the bead will be very fine. The labels will look professional, customized, and there is the ability to create many designs using the different colors available.

Use a tackle box if there is more than one design to be stored. The little compartments at the top make it easy to keep them separated by design or color, etc. And the large compartment at the bottom is great for scissors, spare scraps of cloth, and make a good place to store the pens or paints.

All of the methods mentioned in this article are machine washable and easy to maintain. The labels can be created ahead of the production schedule of the garment, so that they will be ready when the garment has been completed.

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