Creating Dramatic Makeup Effects: The Right Tools And Applicators For A Fairy Look

A guide to products and techniques involved in fairies make up design. Tips on application and seasons.

Whether you spell it "fairy" or "faery", this is a magical look that can be achieved with very little effort, all you need is the right tools, the right makeup and a little fairy know how. There are actually several different types of fairy looks you can create, simply by changing the colors of the makeup you use.Because fairies are creatures of nature, they are quite colorful and match the colors seen in nature depending on the time of the year.The most important lesson to learn in creating a fairy look is to put away anything black - black eyeliner, black mascara, black eyebrow pencils, and absolutely no black lipstick.Black is used for gothic type looks, not fairy, and there is a huge difference, although sometimes the two are confused.

To create your look you will need to gather or purchase several types of makeup brushes and tools, along with an assortment of makeup.We will begin with the tools you will need, then move on to the makeup, and end with techniques. In order to create a perfect fairy look, you will need:a bronzer brush, a blush brush, a powder brush, eye shadow blending brush, eye shadow detail brush, lip brush, tweezers, and an eyebrow brush. You may need several of the eye shadow blending brushes and several eye shadow detail brushes depending on how many different colors you plan on using.

When looking for your makeup, there are several types that will work well for this type of look.Anything that is considered a "frost", "shimmer", "sparkle", or even "metallic" will work.Others can be used, but they will not have the same spellbinding effect.You will also need to find glitter in a makeup base.This can be found at most makeup counters or beauty supply stores.Gels filled with glitter are easy to find and very easy to use.You will also need to find "fairy dust"; this is a very fine glitter.If you can't find it in the makeup department, try your local new age or metaphysical store.

Metallics and pastels work best for winter, whereas the brighter colors are excellent for spring, summer and fall - as long as they all fall under the categories listed above. Autumn makeup should include yellows, reds, oranges and browns. You will also need clear brow mascara along with brightly colored mascara.Many companies now offer mascaras in colors such as fuchsia, violet, turquoise, teal and more.

We will begin by starting with the eyebrows.Eyebrows should first be plucked and well defined.This does not mean you need to pluck them thin, just very neat and clean. Next you need to apply any cover up followed by your foundation.The foundation you use should be anywhere from 1 - 3 shades lighter than what you would normally use.It should give your skin a pale white color but not look over unnatural.After the foundation, apply your blush.You can apply your blush the way you normally would, using a blush brush, but make sure you focus on highlighting and defining your cheek bones.

For your eye shadow, choose 3 complimentary shades. Use your eye shadow detail brushes to apply these shades.Begin by applying the darkest color to lid.Next, you will imagine the area above your lid but below your brow to be split in half vertically separating the area into an inner (the side closest to you nose) and outer area.Use the second darkest color to shadow in the inner area.Finish shadowing with the lightest color in the outer area. Use the eye shadow blending brush to "blur" the lines where each color meets.Still using the blending brush, "pull" the lightest color out and up around the end of your eyebrow. If you have gel glitter, lightly pat some over the eye shadowed area.

Use a colorful eye liner to outline the top lid and half of the bottom lid - begin at the middle of the lid and trace the lid outward to the edge.Angle the line upward to meet the end of your brow line.Comb eyebrows into place and use a clear brow mascara to hold the brow in place.Some places do sell clear mascara that is filled with glitter - if you can find it - use it.

To finish the eyes, apply colorful mascara making sure to coat all of the lashes. Lipstick can then be applied with a lipstick brush to give fully pouty, fairy lips. To complete the look, use the bronzer brush to gently pat "fairy dust" all over your face for a sparkling finish. You can also sprinkle the fairy dust throughout your hair for a more complete look.

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