Creating Dramatic Makeup Effects: The Right Tools And Applicators For A Smokey Look

Supplies, tools and techniques to create a smokey look of mystery with make-up.

The "smokey" look for makeup can be achieved with very little effort; all you need is the right tools, the right makeup and a bit of knowledge on the techniques. To create your look you will need to gather or purchase several types of makeup brushes and tools, along with an assortment of makeup.We will begin with the tools you will need, then move on to the makeup, and end with techniques.

In order to create a smokey look, you will need: a blush brush, a powder brush, eye shadow blending brush, eye shadow detail brush, lip brush, tweezers, and an eyebrow brush. You may need several of the eye shadow blending brushes and several eye shadow detail brushes depending on how many different colors you plan on using. When looking for your makeup, you want to look for colors that state they are either "smokey" or "muted".

Pale pastels (not brights) work well for winter, blues and green are good for summer with yellow and browns for fall.Eyeliners in dark shades like, navy blue, dark brown, black and even purple, are good choices. We will begin by starting with the eyebrows.Eyebrows should first be plucked and well defined.This does not mean you need to pluck them thin, just very neat and clean. Next you need to apply any cover up followed by your normal foundation.

After the foundation, apply your blush.You can apply your blush the way you normally would, using a blush brush, but make sure you focus on highlighting and defining your cheekbones. Blush colors can also be found in muted and smokey colors.These are generally dark colors, so if you don't like a lot of color on your cheeks, you can mix some blush with some translucent powder or even baby powder to lighten it up a little bit.

For your eye shadow, choose 3 complimentary shades. Use your eye shadow detail brushes to apply these shades.Begin by applying the darkest color to lid.Next, you will imagine the area above your lid but below your brow to be split in half vertically separating the area into an inner (the side closest to you nose) and outer area.Use the lightest color to shadow in the inner area.Finish shadowing with the last (second darkest) color in the outer area. Use the eye shadow blending brush to "blur" the lines where each color meets.Still using the blending brush, "pull" the lightest color out and up to end of your eyebrow.

Use your eye liner to outline the entire top and bottom lid. For an extra smokey look, outline the eye with two colors, one color of your choice and the other a dark gray.Use the eye shadow blending brush to lightly blur and blend the two colors together.Smear very lightly so they don't blend too much.You can also try "patting" it with the blending brush; this only works with certain kinds of eyeliners though.This technique is perfect for liquid eyeliners.It also works well any kind of moister liner; very dry pencil makeup will not pat out well.

Comb eyebrows into place and use clear brow mascara to hold the brow in place.You can use colored brow mascara, but make sure it is not too different from the shade of your hair color.This works best for those with dark brown to black hair. To finish the eyes, apply a dark mascara (navy blue, dark brown, black, brown/black, or deep purple) making sure to coat all of the lashes.

Lipstick can then be applied with a lipstick brush to give fully sultry lips. Again, for lips you will be able to find shades that are muted or smokey.Avoid anything that says it is a frost or shimmer. You can create many different looks, all of them smokey, by changing the colors of your makeup, just make sure to follow the above tips and techniques and let your beauty show.

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