Creating A Wall Mural

How to create a wall mural for your home.

Wall murals can add excitement, individuality, and fun to any wall in any room of your home. Many people think that this creative venture is too difficult for the decorating novice, but with some guidance, the proper tools, and patience, anyone can become Michelangelo in their own homes.

The first thing before beginning your mural is to ensure you have the proper equipment and tools. You will need: stencils or an overhead projector, pencils, several sizes and widths of brushes, acrylic craft paints in any colors you choose, and of course, your design. There are two ways to begin the basic layout of your mural: stenciling or using an overhead projector.

Let's look at stenciling first. If you wish to create your mural using stencils, you will also need a ballpoint pen, graphite stencil paper, and a pattern or design of your choosing. Once you find a pattern you like, trace the pattern using a ballpoint pen with graphite stencil paper onto the wall. Be sure you use the GRAPHITE paper and not carbon paper, as this can leave a messy residue on your wall which is hard to remove. When using the graphite paper, the graphite will leave your tracings on the wall to use as a guide. Be sure to press down fairly hard so all lines are left on the wall. This process is used most commonly when creating a repeating or simple pattern such as leaves, flowers, borders, or basic shape designs.

If you prefer to go the much more creative and daring route, you can also use an overhead projector to get the image you like onto the wall. Find something that suits the theme or feel of the room, such as a jungle or forest scene for children's rooms, or a modern art picture for the living room. Once you find something you want to use, place the picture underneath the light on the projector, allowing it to show on the wall. You will probably need to adjust the size of the picture by "zooming" in and out on the projector until you reach the desired size. This step is extremely important, since you want to make sure before tracing that everything will fit onto the wall and is proportionate. Once you get your design projected onto the wall, trace all lines using a pencil until every element you want to use is on the wall itself.

Now for the fun part! You're now ready to paint your design onto the wall. Using art brushes, paint the design using acrylic paints, filling in the patterns with colors of your choosing. You will want to use a wide paint brush to fill in large areas, and a narrow thin brush for lines and details. Allow the paint to dry after filling in the spaces you've traced. Once the paint is dry, you can go back over the design with other colors to add contrast and detailing. The most important thing to remember is to have fun and be creative. If you make a mistake, do not panic, you can always go back over your painting to cover up any mistakes or to add something new.

Murals are fast becoming a popular way to spruce up any room, and give it a personal touch. With some patience and creative thinking, anyone can have a beautiful scene, picture, or design custom made by them on their walls at home.

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