Creative Door Designs For Your Home

Want to spruce up your home's doorways and entrances? Check out these creative ideas and then try your own for a new, inviting look.

Many of us can easily find ways to decorate our home's halls and walls. But sometimes we overlook a valuable opportunity to make our home seem even more inviting, and that involves decorating the doors. A door can be a welcome sign to visitors, or it can send a "do not disturb" message.

If you want your door to add to your home's overall theme of warmth, comfort, and welcome, try ideas like the following for an upbeat effect.

1. Hang a sign. You may want to post your family's name, like "The Smiths" to let visitors know who lives there. Other people prefer to remain anonymous to potential strangers who may stop by, so they simply put up a plaque that says "Welcome." Whatever the printed words, the signs they're posted on can be attractive in themselves, carved from wood, molded from clay, or shaped from vinyl or plastic, along with a host of other materials. Cruise the local craft store for ideas to post on your front door.

2. Rotate seasonal wreaths. Don't stop with a Christmas wreath of pine boughs studded with mistletoe or berries. Hang a springtime floral wreath with lilac or forsythia accents. In June, change it for a summer flair wreath, complete with daisies and sunflowers, and threaded with lace. Don't forget autumn! That is the time to decorate your door with colorful leaf arrangements punctuated by acorns or buckeyes. Use your imagination to design a new wreath each season.

3. Add a planter. Using real or artificial flowers, or a mixture, bolt on a door box to hold fresh blossoms or perennial greenery. Add baby's breath or ferns as a backdrop or accent. Guests will enjoy a face-to-face meeting with nature's fragrance as they knock or ring the buzzer and encounter your floral offering.

4. Make it a work of art. Paint the door to match window shutters or latticework. Door panels might be painted a slightly different hue than the rest of the door. You may be able to etch a fine design that is subtle and not too loud, one that blends with the theme of your home design. For the bold of heart, you can try a more defined outline of a meaningful image, such as an eagle. Consider covering your front door with a plastic guard to keep the dog or cat from scratching the wood.

5. Mount a figure, musical instrument, or symbol. Scarecrows, Santa clauses, fairies, leprechauns, bunnies, or nymphs can grace your front door in welcoming guests. Bells, chimes, or an Aeolian harp add a sonorous element to your door decoration. A wooden horse if you like to ride or a ballerina for a daughter taking lessons can offer a fun, changeable touch.

These are just a few of the ideas you can try in making the front door a true entryway to your home and the family's lives. Shop craft and general stores to find just the right touch that will invite others to share your cozy retreat.

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