Creative Gifts For Golf Enthusiasts: Make A Golf Shadow Box

Whether to commemorate a trip or just the weekend pastime, a shadowbox is a wonderful gift. A guide to making personalized boxes.

A themed shadowbox is a wonderful gift for a golf enthusiast and is easy to make. Also, a golf shadowbox lends itself to personalization, guaranteeing a thoughtful gift. Personalization is easy because of the many variants involved in making a shadowbox. In addition to the objects displayed, the box itself, the background, and the position of the trinkets can all be customized to add significance to the gift.

For example, if the recipient loves a certain vintage of wine, try using the wooden wine case as the frame. Or, a simple frame from a craft store can be macraméd with clippings from golf magazines or newspaper headlines from golf tournaments. Even an unadorned frame can be chosen to match the recipient's office or study.

The background of the shadowbox is also a place to personalize the gift. Scorecards can make a wonderful background - choose the recipient's favorite local golf course or maybe even order a scorecard from Pebble Beach or another famous course. A picture of a favorite golfer, a snapshot from a memorable member-guest tournament, or a postcard from a golf resort can also be background images. If the shadowbox has more of a whimsical feel, faux grass could be a humorous backdrop for a light-hearted golfer. When choosing a background, remember that the objects in the box will significantly cover it, so do not be too disappointed when it is not the centerpiece of the gift.

The most important part of creating the shadowbox is selecting the trinkets to include. Again, it is easy to personalize even the most standard golf tokens. A golf ball can be the recipient's favorite brand (most golfers are very loyal to a particular ball), and many golfers add some sort of personal mark to their balls. For example, women may use a dab of nail polish, die-hards may use their golf-ball-initializing gadget, or some may choose to use only a certain color ball. No matter what the variation, the recipient certainly has golf ball preferences that can be included.

If the shadowbox is meant to memorialize a golf trip, using that golf club's paraphernalia is another easy way to make the gift special. For instance, golf balls, ball markers, divot-repairers, and many other small items are labeled by golf clubs. Any of these trinkets can signify the trip. If the shadowbox has a more open design (versus smaller compartments), larger items like a golf glove can fit in the frame. Mementos like a golf glove or even the grip portion of an old club can be particularly poignant if the shadowbox is created as a tribute to a parent who golfed.

Other ideas for golf trinkets include tees, a spike from a golf cleat, and any sort of item that symbolizes a hole-in-one day (a piece of the shirt worn, the ball itself, etc). Most golfers enjoy the people they meet through golf as much as the sport itself, so tokens that represent golf friends would also be a nice touch: a cigar for the man that always smokes at the 19th hole with his buddies or a playing card for the woman who also plays bridge with her ladies nine-hole group.

Lastly, evaluate the significant items chosen to be in the shadow box and decide the best method to display them. If small trinkets dominate the group, consider using the pigeonhole style layout of many small compartments with tokens resting on the shelves. If, however, larger items like golf gloves or a golf club head are in the mix, look towards the open layout where items are pinned or attached to the back of the box. While generic golf gifts abound in malls and catalogs, a golf shadowbox is a tribute to the golf enthusiast. Whether it is to commemorate a trip or just the weekend pastime, a shadowbox is a wonderful gift.

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