Creative Nail Polish: Unique Things To Do With Nail Polish

Learn creative uses for nail polish from decorating everything from mobiles to vases and mirrors.

Nail polish fads come and go and quite frequently, you will find yourself left with bottles of colors that are no longer fit to be seen. Should you just throw them out? No, there are plenty of other uses for nail polish.

If you still like the color, but it's not 'in', you could try using small amounts of it in a design. Paint your nails with a newer color and then use the old color to make polka-dots, tiny flowers, or hearts on your nails with a toothpick. Or you can use it on your toes during winter. The only person who will see your un-cool nails will be you and your family.

Have you ever admired those stained glass windows in churches? Well, now you can make your own right at home and without all the mess! Using a dry-erase marker, draw the desired design on a glass vase or jar and fill in the spaces with old nail polish. Use black fabric paint over the dry-erase marker to create a lead-like effect. If you don't like the design, just peel off the paint and use nail polish remover to start all over again. If you really want to get bold, go ahead and do a window in stained glass or just a border around the edge of one.

To spruce up a mirror in a child's bedroom, you can paint colorful characters around the edge of the mirror and they can be removed and updated with nail polish remover as the child grows. For a teen, you might try sporty or trendy motifs. For an adult's room, roses or twining vines look nice. Stencils work well for those not artistically inclined.

For a unique pencil holder, save a tin can and wash it thoroughly. Now, use a semi-transparent nail polish to make stripes or another design down the sides. Add a solid border using metallic nail polish and you have a very funky pencil holder for anyone's desk.

Save old or ruined CDs and turn them into beautiful mobiles for your baby. Choose a color scheme, pastel or primary and start painting! You don't have to be fancy, just stripes and dots will do. Now tie strings to the cds and hang them at varying hights from a coat hanger.

Nail polish is also very useful for color coding. If you have several people living in a house, color coding is invaluable to keep belongings seperate. Each person chooses a color and then just dabs a bit on each of their things. This is especially useful for boxes of food in the cupboard and items that look alike, such as Walkmans or combs.

Speaking of combs, you can quickly spruce them up with old nail polish. Just add flowers or stripes down the back edge.

If you have a lovely dress to wear, but don't have any suitable hair clips, keep a handful of plain clips on hand. They can easily be decorated with nail polish to match your outfit. You can even match the design to a certain extent, dots for a dotted dress, stripes for a striped one, etc.

Picture frames are also perfect candidates for a nail polish makeover. Using barely tinted clear polish results in a sleek modern look, while metallic polish creates a very funky look. You can use random streaks of color or orderly patterns. Again, stencils come in handy if you aren't a good painter.

Adding a splash of remover will cause your polish to become more fluid and you can use sponges and stamps with it. Have fun decorating everything in sight!

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