Creative Outfits For Mini Skirts

Are you in need of some inspiration to update that favorite miniskirt?

Although some people have been predicting its demise for decades, the miniskirt is here to stay! This barely-there skirt is now a wardrobe staple for teens and adult women, alike. But whether you own one mini or one hundred, there's no reason to fall back on the same old look. Miniskirts can be flirty, sassy, classy, and bold---the ways to wear them are endless. Read ahead for six inspiring ideas for getting creative with your miniskirt.

1. For a flirty, youthful look, pair a solid miniskirt with patterned knee-high or thigh-high socks. To stay casual, wear ballet flats and a vintage tee. High-heeled shoes, on the other hand, like high-heeled Mary Janes, will make the look a little sexier. To dress it up, try a silky, romantic blouse or a tailored top.

2. Love the look of a mini but don't feel confident about baring it all? Go ahead and wear that miniskirt, but add opaque tights for coverage. For a classy, professional look, stick with solids and a monochromatic color scheme (like a black skirt and gray tights). But for a fun night-on-the-town, go for contrast. The mini-and-tights combo is very 60s mod: try combining blue and white swirly tights with an orange mini, a pink psychedelic skirt with solid pink tights, white on white, black and white---be dramatic! To further the mod look, wear coordinating knee-high boots or shiny, vinyl flats.

3. There's no need to wear that miniskirt on its own---add layers! A ruffled mini looks great over longer ruffled skirts, or throw on a long, translucent skirt over a tight miniskirt. A very short A-line or pleated miniskirt can look cute worn over slim-fitting pants (make sure that the pants coordinate with the skirt and don't bunch up under the skirt).

4. Some people think that miniskirts are "too" sexy. Shatter that expectation and balance out the shortness of the skirt with a classy, relaxed-fit, tunic-style top that falls just past your hips (make sure, though, that the skirt has plenty of length showing). To keep the top from just looking like a tent, add a belt or a scarf around your waist. A long pendant or beaded necklace and high boots further balances this look.

5. On the other hand, some people like playing up the sex appeal and want to show off their assets. If that's the look you're going for, and then try wearing something sassy under that skirt! Matching satin hot pants or retro, ruffled, shortie bloomers won't shock the bystanders too much if your skirt gets flipped up.

6. Finally, here's a DIY tip to make your own couture mini: stitch or glue (with fabric glue) layers of lace or tulle to the bottom of any miniskirt to create a "faux mini." You can add just a few short layers to keep the "mini," or you can add longer layers for peek-a-boo coverage. If you prefer something with swish, glue on a single layer of fringe all around the bottom of the skirt. Use your imagination, and you're guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind creation.

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