Credit Repair: What Is Debt Consolidation?

Having trouble meeting your monthly credit payments? Then debt consolidation may be a logical answer to your financial management problem.

It's easy to overspend on a variety of purchases. Millions of Americans do it everyday. You see something you want, take out a credit card, and voila, it's yours. But then so is the monthly statement that follows.

If you find yourself in a financial bind due to owing too many monthly credit bills, it may be time to consider debt refinancing. This simply means that all of your credit accounts can be transferred into one large account. Instead of making five monthly payments on five separate accounts with five sets of interest rates, you will end up making one monthly payment on a single account with one interest rate. How does this impact your finances?

1. You can make one smaller payment each month. Instead of five payments of perhaps $150 each, you may now be writing a check for one payment of $500 and save a few hundred dollars each month in interest fees. Plus you'll reduce the risk of overlooking a bill or waiting to pay them all because of the possibility of running short on cash.

2. Your monthly budget will be less strained with a smaller consolidated payment. You can set aside money for emergencies, repairs, and even savings since you'll be paying less for credit card balance payments. With more money to work with from your income, you should be able to avoid additional debt and live within your means.

3. You can pay off the one credit account on time rather than dragging it out or missing payments. Instead of making late payments or none at all due to several account balances to manage at once, you can make one affordable payment without compromising other budgetary needs.

4. You can pay more than the designated minimum payment if you wish. With more room in the monthly budget since you're making fewer payments, you can pay a little extra on the one credit account after consolidation, save interest, and pay it off sooner.

5. You will pay less interest by paying one combined account instead of several different account balances. You need not worry about extra charges for over the limit fees or late payments since you should be able to meet the one account payment each month without strain.

6. Your credit report will begin to shape up. Since several accounts will be consolidated into one new account, your report will show the old accounts as paid and closed, which will improve your credit standing overall. Finally you will have a chance to redeem your financial standing and rebuild your credit reputation.

Debt consolidation offers many advantages to those who may be struggling to meet monthly credit card payments. Talk with your bank or a reputable credit card company to see if this might be a viable option for you. Then keep paying down the single account until it's paid in full, and don't open new accounts. You will have a whole new financial identity in good standing while eliminating a negative or questionable credit history.

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