How to Get a Credit Report From Equifax

By Grant McKenzie

  • Overview

    The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 (FACTA) was written and passed to "amend the Fair Credit Reporting Act, to prevent identity theft, improve resolution of consumer disputes, improve the accuracy of consumer records, make improvements in the use of, and consumer access to, credit information, and for other purposes." This act allows individuals access to a copy of their own credit report, without charge, once every 12 months. Equifax, Experian and Transunion have set up a website to expedite access to this free annual credit report.
    • Step 1

      Follow the link in Resources to On the first page, select the state in which you live and click "Request Report."
    • Step 2

      Fill in the identifying information on the next page, as well as the character in the image at the bottom of the form. The boxes marked with red asterisks are required.

    • Step 3

      Select "Equifax" on the next page, then click "Next." Click "Next" on the following page to be transferred to the Equifax site.
    • Step 4

      Know that your personal information will be automatically filled in once you reach the Equifax site. Click the green "Continue" button.
    • Step 5

      Answer the security question you are asked. This is usually something about your credit report that only you would know. After answering the question, click "Next." This will bring you to an Equifax ad offering to sell you access to your credit score. Only your report is required by FACTA, so the credit agencies regularly try to sell you access to your score as well. In the lower right-hand corner of the page, click "No Thanks."
    • Step 6

      When you are shown an invoice, make sure that all "Special Offers" are marked "No" and click the green "Submit" button. You will be brought either to your report or to a screen that informs you that Internet delivery is not available. This could be because something in your personal-identification data does not match Equifax's records or because you did not answer the security question correctly.
    • Step 7

      If you are unable to get Internet delivery for whatever reason, follow the directions on that page. Download the mail-in form, provide the required identification data and mail to Equifax. The address is given on the page.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Tip: You can also contact Equifax by phone at (877) 322-8228 to request your credit report.
    • Warning:
    • You only get one chance to answer your security question correctly. Make sure you review your accounts before attempting to get a report from Equifax.

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