Cross-Religion Wedding Vows Ideas And Tips

It has become more commonplace these days for couples to write their own wedding vows. Here's a handful of samples that work for any denomination or religion to spark your own imagination.

You've planned everything for your wedding day from soup to nuts - the songs that mean the most to you, the colors that make you feel your best, the people that you want around you when you pledge yourself to love and to honor, cherish and.. but wait! Is that really what you want to say? Shouldn't your wedding vows be as personal as everything else about your wedding day? After all, who knows more about what marriage means to you than you do?

The tradition of writing your own wedding vows became popular in the 1960s and early 1970s, when free-thinking couples began to define marriage on their own terms. It has continued to grow in popularity as couples choose to express their love for each other and their vision for their future together in their own words. Coming up with just the right words isn't always easy, though. How does one express a lifetime of promises in just a few words?

These samples are a wedding gift to you from me - use them as they are, or change them to reflect your own personal feelings and promises.

A Promise of Everlasting Friendship and Support

*While the story of Ruth and Naomi is from the Judeo-Christian tradition, the message expressed in Ruth's simple words to her mother-in-law is universal, and is the basis for this promise to share and support each other throughout your lives together*

I promise you my life from this day forward, always at your side in love and friendship.

Where you go, I will go.

Where you lead, I will follow, and when you tire of leading, I promise to walk ahead and ease the way for you.

Whatever storms you face, I will face with you. Whatever sunshine I find, I will share with you. I will support your endeavors and your dreams with all my heart, and work beside you to build a lifetime of memories and love. With all my heart and soul, I pledge myself to you at this moment and for the rest of our lives.

A Commitment to Walk Through Life Together

*Many cultures see life as a journey. Make your wedding vow a commitment to journey through life together.*

My life has been a journey leading here, to this day where I stand at your side in front of our friends and family. I bless the roads that brought me here, and am grateful for every twist and turn that led my steps to you.

From this day forward, I will not walk alone. I promise to share the road with you, whatever joys or passions it may bring. I will walk beside you in love and friendship, in support and honor, through sun and storm, winter, spring, summer and autumn. No matter what twists and turns the road of our lives may take, I promise that I will be there with you, at your side, until the journey's end.

Pledge Yourself to Your Love Heart and Soul

*Promise your love through your heart and hands, from head to toe*

You are my love, the mate of my soul, and I pledge myself to you, body, mind and heart. I promise you that my eyes will always see you clearly and with love, and that every word that passes my lips will be the truth. I promise you my hands, to work with you and build with you, to hold your hand through dark nights and bright days. I promise you my shoulders, to help carry every burden, and that my back will never be turned to you, but always ready to add my strength to yours. I pledge that my feet will always walk the path you walk and never walk away, and most of all, I pledge to you my heart and soul, filled with joy and love. From this day forward, as you are mine, I am yours, and together we are one, throughout the rest of our lives and beyond.

Tips for Writing Heartfelt Vows of Your Own

Your wedding vows should express your love in your own voice, in the words that describe how you feel. You can find inspiration for your vows from all sorts of sources, from religious writings to Shakespeare and popular novels, in nature and the world around you, or in your heart. There's no right way or wrong way. The only thing that truly matters is that the words you choose express your love and commitment. If you need help choosing the perfect words, though, try these tricks to help them flow.

1. Pick up a book of love sonnets. The words of Shakespeare and his contemporaries still resonate with love today. Steep yourself in romance to help ignite the spark of inspiration.

2. Read the traditional wedding ceremonies and vows from different cultures to help you formulate your own words.

3. Fire up a stack of your favorite love songs for inspiration. The more romantic and corny, the better to get you in the mood to write.

4. Just start writing. Write down everything that you believe love and commitment means. You can go back and edit later.

Most importantly, relax and write what is important to you - because on your wedding day, as long as your words are from your heart, they'll be the perfect thing to say.

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