How Is Crystal Quality Determined?

How is crystal quality determined? Various determining factors are considered when determining the quality of crystal with lead content being one of the most important. Usually when we talk about crystal,...

Usually when we talk about crystal, lead content is very important and the reason that is... is that lead, the more lead in the crystal the better refraction or in other words the better it reflects light. If you look at a piece of full lead crystal, which is defined as anything over 23% lead it will when it is put in direct sunlight or light it kind of glistens and this allow color as the light refracts... refracts through it. Lower lead crystal won't do that as much and also that the higher content of lead, softer the glass is and the more ability cutters will have to heavily decorate the product. So again anything over 24% lead will be considered full lead crystal and below that is standard crystal. Then glass without any lead content or very minimal lead content is sometimes that is on a soda glass or just glass, which basically is not a crystal product.

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