How Do I Cure Acne?

How do I cure acne; find the solutions here.

Teenagers are not the only ones who can get acne. Adults, at least 50%, suffer from blemishes and acne also. Sometimes adult acne is a result of pregnancy, diet, menopause or emotional upset. For some people acne is due to genetics or hormones that create excessive oil production and this clogs the pores of the skin. Some cosmetics can block pores which will create pimples.

All pimples or zits are created the same way. This is how it happens. The skin is constantly renewing itself and under normal conditions the old skin cells will shed. But sometimes these cells will stick together and they plug the hair follicle forming a comedone. Open comedones are blackheads and closed comedones are whiteheads.

When a closed comedone ruptures you get a pimple or zit. Pimples vary in size and appearance. They start out as papules which are small reddish bumps. They turn into pustules when they come to a head. And there ones that get inflamed and they are called deep cysts which contain blood and pus and can cause scarring.

To keep your face acne free try some of these tips...

For mild acne using an over the counter topical solution will help to alleviate it. Look for a gel or soap formulated with benzoyl peroxide which kills P.ances, the bacteria that causes acne.

The best defense against acne is to treat your skin gently. No picking, squeezing or rubbing it. Keep your dirty fingers off your face. Avoid heavy oil based cosmetics and creams that will clog the pores. Also, pay close attention to your diet. There is no conclusive evidence that diet is the culprit in acne, but eating only pizza, chips, nuts and other greasy foods can't help.

If these over the counter remedies do not work consider seeing a dermatologist. Depending on your needs you will be prescribed the most effective treatment for you. Retin-A will banish blemishes and wrinkles. It is a topical cream that is made up of vitamin A that works by expelling the blackheads and whiteheads. Alpha hydroxy acids are also another topical cream your doctor may prescribe. It works to slough off dead skin cells and rejuvenates the skin. You can buy AHA at the drug store but a dermatologist can prescribe it in a stronger solution which is more effective. For severe acne a doctor can prescribe oral antibiotics like tetracycline. Or a doctor may give you a mini-shot of steroids or give you the drug Accutane.

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