Cure & Treatment For Hiccups

Cure & treatment for hiccups, which are annoying, but here is some ways to treat them, and a better understanding of what they are.

Hiccups are a sound that occurs: it is unintentional and it is due to the muscle at the base of the lungs. This is known as a diaphragm. A fast closing of the vocal cords, makes the "hiccup" sound. The causes for hiccups can vary.

Noxious fumes that are inhaled can cause them. Such fumes could be gasoline, hair spray, or a bug repellent. Using such products would be best advised in a well ventilated area so fumes are not inhaled. Eating hot and spicy foods is also a big cause of hiccups. This, however, does not mean a person has to stop eating their favorite foods.

Taking over the counter medication could help with calming spicy food. Having pleurisy or pneumonia can also have a certain effect. Abdominal surgery affects the muscles and could cause irratic hiccups. In some cases there is no

apparent cause for the hiccups. They can just happen sometimes out of the blue, and sometimes in not so convenient places. They are a very annoying thing to have and not only to the person having them.

Treatment for hiccups could be as simple as holding one's breath. This seems to be the most common cure, but it does not always work. By taking in a deep breath and holding it as long as possible. Sometimes taking deep breaths into a paper bag can cure the hiccups. Drinking cold water, while stretching the neck out as far as you can, then swallowing, might help ease them. Some

doctors say swallowing a teaspoon of dry sugar will help, but it is not a recommended cure. In any case however, hiccups usually go away if no cure will help relieve them. Within time, perhpas even a few hours, they will just go away. There is no scientific procedure to cure hiccups. A myth about curing hiccups is getting a good scare. This kind of scare is not by watching a scary movie or seeing something scary. The classic of having someone come up behind the person suffering from hiccups and starling them may help. Although all of these things are simple and may work, they are not medically proven to work.

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