How To Curl Your Hair: Spiral Looks

Some tips on different ways for girls or women to get beautiful spiral ringlets that will last all day.

In today's hectic world, women are always looking for better and faster ways to do beauty treatments. Hair, especially, is a hassle for many women who have to spend hours a week washing, drying, twisting, curling, trimming. Most women who curl their hair know that the curling iron is one of the best ways to get fabulous, long lasting spirals. Plug it in, wrap it up in the hair, and presto - perfect curls every time. And for longer styles, the large curling irons are really great. There are even curling irons with extra small bars for giving short hair some snazzy spirals. The handles and the length of the irons are the same, but the circumferences range from very small to gigantic, depending upon the length of the hair.

Pre-curling iron days were spent smearing globs of setting gel on the hair before rolling and then sleeping on uncomfortable, prickly curlers for hours before waking to pull, yank, and tug the rollers from the hair. Better rollers have made that life a little easier and rollers still produce nice spirals, but rollers must still be left in the hair for hours on end, or time must be spent under a hot dryer each time you roll.

The best looking spirals from rollers are created when the curlers are rolled from the outside in, rather than rolling upwards or under. Using foam curlers allows hair to be tightly curled, providing sturdy ringlets. The larger the roller, the larger the ringlet, but long hair is hard to roll on small curlers. Try using smaller sections when rolling long hair on small curlers and keep the hair in the center of the roller as much as possible. Or replace rollers with a simple piece of foam. Wrap the hair around the cylindrical foam shape and bobby pin into place.

You can style your hair first, then put the ringlets in. For instance, pull the hair back in a pony tail, then put some rollers in or use a curling iron to put the spirals in the hair. Or just wear the hair in a ponytail but put a spiral on each side of the head, at the temple area. Another great look is to put the hair up in barrettes, then spirals. Catch the hair with the barrette from just above the top of the ear and pull barrette upwards, then clip. Do this on both sides, then put in ringlets with a curling iron or roll then use a hair dryer to dry quickly.

Great spirals can be made simply with bobby pins. Section out a portion of hair, and holding the finger next to the scalp, wrap the hair around until it is all in a curl next to the scalp. Cris-cross two bobby pins on each curl and in the morning, remove the bobby pins for way-out waves. Section randomly, rather than cutting out perfectly marked areas with a comb, to prevent the parts in the hair during styling. Spray ringlets with hair spray, let dry well, then style.

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