Custom Painting Using Art Techniques?

Custom painting using art techniques? Artists can make objects look like they are made of materials that they are not by using art techniques. They make, for instance, any ordinary looking door into one...

They make, for instance, any ordinary looking door into one that looks like they are made out of wood even though they are not. They could probably be made out of Masonite or a particle and they make it look like it is made out of unfinished wood. It just looks like a pattern is there. It is not something you would allow a kid or other people to mess with. It is expensive. It is a work of art. There are so many techniques and it is really up to the imagination of the person doing it, and that is why you pay big bucks for people that know how to do this, because they are artists. They are painters, but they are artists. They are finally getting the recognition that they really deserve. Most people will use labels when they do a work of art on the wall or house, like painted by so and so, because they want recognition too. They put this level of achievement on it.

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