Customizing And Personalizing A Kids Snowboard

Tips and ideas for designing, customizing and personalizing your kids snowboard with Dupli-Color spray paint, decals, stickers, and stomp pads.

A snowboard is a great way for your kid to express his or her individuality. Different and varied designs are available, and if none of those sparks their interest, or if the board they are hitting the terrain park with weekend after weekend is looking its age, there are different ways and products available to help them customize their board.


Dupli-Color manufactures spray paint, called Mirage, that not only works on snowboards, it is color shifting. As your child races down the hill, the colors of their board will change as the sun hits it at different angles"┬ŽNow how cool is that! This comes in different color combinations, including a silver/green, a red/blue, a purple/green, a gold/magenta, and an additional color, called ice, and can be applied to a snowboard as a total or partial effect. A partial paint job could be applied with stencils that come pre-cut, or with a hand-cut stencil in any design, you or your child could dream up. Dupli-Color Mirage color shifting paint is a three-step process, so make sure that if you go this route, you purchase all materials necessary to complete the project.

For an over-the-top design, graphic artists that paint on helmets, bikes, etc., will usually be able to help your child customize their board in a way that will surely make the other kids, and adults, on the hill take notice.


Stickers, or decals, are by far the most popular way kids customize their boards. Available in numerous graphic designs and wordings, decals let kids really show their identity through the graphics they apply to their boards. If they have visited a new hill, let them grab a decal with the name of the resort to add to their board to highlight where they have been. Keep in mind though, that some stickers will peel up after only a short time on a board though, due to moisture. What is a boarder to do to make sure the stickers they apply stay put? Use auto detail stickers. While these stickers are available just about anywhere, from automotive shops to the local Wal-Mart, stickers that are going to help your child define the wild and crazy snowboard kid inside himself or herself may not be. The solution is to buy ones from a snowboard shop, but even those may not be distinctive enough for their individuality, so have some custom cut. Any body shop or car detail store will most likely do custom cuts. Oftentimes, a mall will have vendor stalls that also custom cut stickers. Your child can draw theirs freehand or with the aide of a computer graphics program, for stickers that are as individual as they can get.


If painting or stickers are too much or not enough customization, accessories can also help your child personalize their board. Stomp pads are an accessory that comes in some bizarre but fun designs. A quick look on EBay under stomp pads brought up an assortment that included designs such as a Wet Willy, Flame Boy, sunburst, spikes that apply individually, even some made to represent different manufacturers of snowboards and accessories.

Custom boots and bindings are another way to make a board more of a personality statement. Many boards sold as kits come with stock bindings and basic boots. Swap them for an upgraded pair of bindings and boots, and your child will not only be ready to hit the rails, they will be doing it in comfort.

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