How To Cut Costs On Souveneirs, Food, And Extras At Disneyworld

Rather than postponing your trip to Florida, follow a few tips to cut costs on souvenirs, food and extras.

After spending money on tickets, hotel and travel costs, a trip to Disneyworld can be a major expense. Rather than postponing your trip to Florida, follow a few simple tips to cut costs on souvenirs, food and extras and keep the trip on your calendars!


Food is undoubtedly the major expense on a trip to Disneyworld. Each of the lands has unique venues to snack and dine. The object of the restaurants and snack bars is to entice visitors into spending time eating and snacking. If you aren't hungry, you won't be attracted to the restaurants and snack bars.

Before you enter the park, enjoy a big breakfast. Do not wait until you are on the main route to the park to select a restaurant. These eateries are more expensive than those located on the side streets and in nearby towns. If you are staying near the park, drive a few short miles up the major routes in both direction and you will find numerous fast food and inexpensive chain restaurants that serve breakfast. Many have breakfast packages that will be an inexpensive way to serve an entire family.

When at the park, take time to sit down at a family dining restaurant for lunch. This will make everyone less hungry for snacks when you are waiting in line for rides or walking around the park.

At the end of the day, and before the fireworks, take some time to leave Disneyworld to dine in a restaurant. There are family style and fast food restaurants open on the main routes around the park. Disneyworld provides a stamp that is placed on the hand of each visitor so you can return to the park on the same day, without paying for readmission. By taking a quick drive from the park, this can save a significant amount on a dinner meal.


Disneyworld is the capital of snack food. Suckers in the shape of Mickey and Minnie ears, candy placed into Disney-branded containers, popcorn, peanuts, and cotton candy are available from vendors throughout the park. Rather than avoiding snacks, bring some of your own. Beverages are heavy to carry and are not allowed on most of the rides at Disneyworld, so bring snacks that can be placed easily into pockets or purses. Small candy containers or snack bars are an easy alternative to buying items from snack bars and high priced stands at the park.


The easiest way to avoid spending unnecessary money at Disneyworld is to expect the unexpected. There is nothing in the world as striking as the sight of 5,000 visitors wearing bright yellow rain slickers with a giant Mickey Mouse dancing on the back flap when rain surprises the crowds with a downpour.

Pack emergency weather items in your car. You may need a raincoat or small umbrella at any time of the year. Pack a raincoat that folds into a small holder so it will not interfere with riding the attractions. Rain showers can come several times during the day, especially in the summer months, so rather than walk to the car to drop off and then another trip to retrieve raincoats, the rain protection can be carried during the day without any trouble.

Warm and hot weather is nearly guaranteed for your trip to Disneyworld, so bring items to reduce hot weather costs in the park. Sun block or suntan lotion will be necessary, even if you only plan to stay for a few hours. Sunglasses are another necessary item. The sun reflecting from the pavement at the park can be bright and might give visitors eyestrain. Bring an extra pair of sunglasses in case a pair of sunglasses is lost on rides. Some of the amusement park rides tumble guests around and items are lost. Sunglasses are one of the most frequently lost items.

Sun visors and hats are another recommended item. For visitors who are not exposed to sun year round, the heat and reflection can be quite a surprise. Plan to wear a hat for most of the day. Bring a scarf, hat or sun visor for each visitor. This will allow you to pass by the carts selling Mickey ear hats and sun hats.

Florida is known for mosquitoes, so bring insect lotion or spray in case rains have washed away the spray meant to reduce the pests.


Disneyworld souvenirs are available throughout the area around Disneyworld. Greater Orlando is home to most large big box stores and they carry licensed souvenirs from Disneyworld. Hats, t-shirts, even postcards can be purchased from the country's largest retailer located in Orlando. Souvenirs are a major industry in the area. Souvenirs sold from non-Disney stores are half the cost as items purchased in the park.

Why miss an exciting adventure to Disneyworld? With a little planning to save cash on souvenirs, extras and food, you too can be riding the exciting attractions and meeting up close and personal with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

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