Cut Your Family's Hair At Home

Tips and instructions for cutting your family's hair at home.

You can save time and money by learning to cut your family's hair at home. Here are a few tips to get you started.


Before you can cut your family's hair, you need to know the styles that your family may like. Ask them what styles they like. Listening to their responses and wishes can help decide what tools may be needed. Perhaps you can look through magazines to get a feel for what is in style and what can be done.

Some kids may reject the idea of having their long hair cut shorter or their current hair cut because it wouldn't be in style. Explain to them that even a trim of a half inch will keep the hair healthier and help the hair grow in faster.


Buying a set of hair cutting tools can be the difference between a good and bad hair cut. Search around your favorite supermarket and even home and garden stores. Pick one that's right for your budget but remember these things when selecting one.

The kits usually come with a variety of assortments. Most kits include the main clipper, attachments and various other items such as a brush (to brush off hair after cutting) and some have a lubricant you use on the clipper from time to time. Make sure it has plenty of choices of attachments. Most kits include various size attachments such as a one inch or a quarter inch cut attachment. Some kits have a tapered attachment.

Taking care of the kit is a vital aspect to hair cutting because if the kit doesn't last long, the value of cutting hair at home is void. Make sure to oil the head of the main clipper. This will prevent a heat buildup due to the friction of cutting the hair.

If a kit is not desired, a good pair of scissors is the next best thing. Scissors can do almost anything a kit can do as long as they are extra sharp. Make sure you keep a scissors sharpener around.

Clean Hair

Make sure that before you cut the hair it is clean. Cleaner hair cuts better because the oils and dirt are not there to cause tangles and problems with the hair.

Hair is better cut when it is wet especially when it has to be cut with scissors. Wet the hair with a spray bottle. In fact, a spray bottle is a good item to have on hand throughout the hair cutting process.

Condition the hair if possible. Conditioning makes the hair smooth and softer allowing for a cleaner and better cut. A detangling spray could also be helpful for tangles.


Some kids are terrified to have their hair cut. Some kids may possibly believe that you may accidently cut some part of their face with the scissors or clipper. Make sure your child knows exactly how it will go. If possible perhaps your child can view another less anxious member of the family get a hair cut first. If your child is anxious, try to soothe them with rewards, soft music or take the hair cutting into the living room so they can be distracted by television or a movie.


Cutting your own hair will possibly be the hardest hair to cut but it can be done with a little patience and help. If possible, have another family member cut your hair. If another member of your family cannot help you then you can cut your own hair. For longer hair tying up your hair with a rubber band or hair tie can help. Then snip off the desired portion and trim up your hair using a mirror.

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