Cut Your Grocery Bill

Everyone can cut their grocery bill by half or more. Here are the tips to get you started on your way to huge savings.

Groceries are an expense that is universal to all of us. For some, they are more of an expense than for others. Nevertheless, we all need to eat, and to do so, we naturally must spend as well.

The good news is, grocery shopping is one area where we are all able to drastically reduce our expenditures, if we are willing to take the time and learn some valuable tips. It does take some time and effort, but these are tips that absolutely anyone can put into practice. Not only will these methods save you money, they are fun. There is nothing comparable to the thrill of getting a bargain!


Coupons can be found in several different ways. The most common place to obtain them in with the "Sunday Slicks" that come in the newspaper each Sunday. Many well-known companies offer coupons in this method to promote their products. Coupons are just like money. A $!.00 off coupon for a product you regularly use, should be treated just as if it were a one dollar bill. That's right, every week, your newspaper gives away free money. Make sure you get your fair share of it. And just like any other form of money, you will want to learn how to get the most mileage for it.

If there were a rule book for couponing, the first rule would be to keep your coupons organized. A lost, or left at home coupon, will do you no good at all.

Many of the couponing "pros" have begun to use binders to keep their coupon supply in order. The binder of choice would be one of those with the zippered covers. Inside, they use those plastic collector card sheets with 9 small pockets. The coupons are organized by section; breakfast, cleaning supplies, condiments, etc. The sections are separated by those tabbed dividers for easy access, and because the card sheets are clear, the coupons are easily visible. However, if this seems to be a bit much, a small coupon wallet, or even a smaller box with cardboard dividers will still serve the purpose.

The next thing you will want to do if possible, is to find a grocery store that doubles, (or in some lucky cases, triples) coupons.

Price Book-

Keep a running log of your deals and bargains in a notebook. In time this will become a handy reference tool that will help you discern how good a particular bargain really is.

To further stretch the value of your coupons, you need to watch your local store's sales flyers. Try to match your coupons with items your store is selling at a discount for that particular week. The best scenario would be having a coupon for a sale item, and the store offering to double or triple coupons. You can sometimes obtain some items for free, or a nominal fraction of what the shelf price normally is.


Another way to stretch your food dollar is to sign up for incentive programs. Often stores will offer some sort of Bonus Card, or similar type of program that enables the customer to save more money, or even be able to take advantage of sale prices at all. Sign up for all of these programs offered at any stores in your area.

An incentive program with a bit of a twist is available online and is called Valupage. First you need to check to see if a store in your area participates in the Valupage program, and if so you will need to print out a bar code from the site to take to the store with you. There will be a listing of products with Valupage incentives posted each week. When you purchase one of these products, you have your bar code scanned at checkout and acquire Web Bucks. These can be used toward purchases during future shopping trips to the same supermarket.

By using coupons, comparing sale ads, and utilizing the benefits of incentive programs, you are already on your way to taking a huge chunk out of your grocery expenses. However, as great as these tips are, there is still some fine tuning that can be done to slash your grocery costs even further.


When you find a good coupon for a product you use, or would like to try, get as many as you can. Ask family members or friends to save them for you, or trade on one of several Internet coupon trading boards. Stock up on the product while it is on sale, using your coupons. Recently, many couponers were able to stock up on a certain brand of laundry detergent because coupons were available, that when doubled, brought a small sized package of the detergent down to a nominal price. These are the deals that you want to look for and take advantage of as much as possible.

Though it may seem that putting these various tips into practice all at once might be a bit daunting, the rewards can be tremendous. Imagine walking out of your store with $150.00 worth of groceries for less than $20.00. Yes, this is something dedicated shoppers do on a regular basis! You can do it too. Get those scissors sharpened, and check those store ads. Great savings are out there just waiting to be found.

Good luck, and good shopping!

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