How To Cut A Layered Hair Cut

Learn to cut a quick layered hair cut. Sharp scissors and straight lines make this easy and affordable.

Cutting your hair can takes time, money, and talent. What if you have little of these? Using an easy technique can give you a quick, layered cut. This technique can be accomplished with long or short hair. By short we are speaking about shoulder length. Long hair would be considered anything longer than shoulder length.

Proper tools are probably the hardest part of this haircut. A pair of sharp scissors is a must. Most trouble with do it yourself haircuts comes from using scissors that are dull. It is impossible to make straight, clean cuts with dull scissors. Most haircutting scissors found in grocery or drug stores will work just fine. They usually don't retain their sharpness as long as an expensive pair but they work for a while.

A fine tooth comb is another tool that will make this cut go fast and easy. Any type of comb is fine as long as you can comb the hair our evenly. Hair must be combed out evenly and a fine tooth comb works well. Clean hair is also a must for this cut to work. Hair can be wet or dry although most people prefer wet cutting. Make sure that hair is shampooed and snarls are combed out. The hair must be free from residue such as hair spray and gel. Make sure that you cut your hair in an area away from food and where the hair can drop freely onto the floor.

If you are trying this cut on yourself don't bother with a plastic covering for your clothes or a towel around your shoulders. If will just get in the way and make it difficult for you to cut. The cut can be done in front of a mirror to make sure all of the hair is tangle free and smoothed out, but the actual cutting will be done by looking at the hair.

With a pair of sharp scissors, a fine tooth comb, and clean hair that is tangle free, you are ready to begin the cut. The explanation of this cut will be cutting your own hair. It can be adapted to cut someone else's. Stand up, feet one foot to one and a half feet apart. Bend over, flipping hair towards the floor. Comb hair out straight and smooth. Make a cut straight across your hair. Depending on the thickness of the hair, you may need to make more than one cut. Just cut horizontally as straight as possible. The length from the top of your head to the scissors is how long the top layer of hair will be. All hair beneath the top of your head will be longer. If your cut is three inches from the top of your head, your top layer will be three inches and neckline layer will be approximately nine inches. All the other hair will be layered to lengths in between three and nine inches.

Be careful not to lock your knees. Locking your knees can lead to light-headedness. You may already feel some light-headedness by bending over. If you need to stop, do so, then repeat the process beginning where you left off, cutting as horizontally straight as you can.

It's easy and it works. Have fun with your new haircutting technique.

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