Cute Bachelorette Party Crafts

A typical night for a bachelorette party includes stumbling from bar to bar in loud revelry. There are alternatives however for girls to have a night to remember without having to leave the living room. Getting the group together to create lasting memories only takes a few supplies and a little imagination.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

For this activity, you'll need to act as the judge for the competition. Split the girls into groups of two or more and provide them with several rolls of toilet paper. Each group should then pick a "bride" and create a dress around her using the toilet paper. Choose the group with the best dress, and reward them with items like small gift certificates or gift bags.

Create Your Own Art

If the party's going to be in a large enough space, have the girls make their own paintings. They should each have their own canvas, paint and paint brushes. Spread newspaper all over the floor to protect against spills, and provide a little wine, margaritas or play music that everyone likes to boost creativity. Let the masterpieces dry overnight as a permanent reminder of how everyone bonded that night.


If there's a large, open space available, purchase a wedding-themed pinata online, and with the group, decorate to your liking using markers. For instance, if you find a pinata that's shaped like a woman, everyone can help personalize it to look like the bride-to-be adding a beauty mark, drawing makeup on the face or drawing earrings on her. When completed, fill the pinata with wedding party favors like mini-bottles of wine and mints, then bring out the blindfolds and let your friends start swinging.


Create a long-lasting memento of the bachelorette party by purchasing a wedding-themed scrapbook. Ask each guest to bring their favorite pictures of them with the bride-to-be, and provide them with markers and glue. They can also bring memorabilia like concert ticket stubs to add to the book to further personalize each page. Add the pages to the scrapbook as they're finished and save the last page for pictures from the end of the bachelorette party night.

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