Cutting Hardwood Flooring

By Dremel Staff

Hardwood flooring is typically cut with bulky and expensive miter saws that are difficult to move around and can be a challenge to use. The Dremel Saw-Max offers a wonderful alternative, one that can slice right through standard ¾-inch strip flooring and do so right where you’re working, rather than requiring a trip for every cut.

List of Items Needed

  • Dremel Saw-Max
  • 3” Multi-Purpose Carbide Cutting Wheel Model SM500
  • Measuring tape
  • Speed square
  • Pencil
  • Rubber mallet
  1. Pick Your Tool: Equipped with the right cutting wheel, the powerful Dremel Saw-Max can cut quickly through hardwood flooring, saving you time and effort. The precision-cutting ability of the Saw-Max ensures that cuts are clean, without the splintering that detracts from the beauty of your expensive hardwood strip flooring.

  2. Install the Cutting Wheel: Make sure the Saw-Max is unplugged and use the hex wrench to remove the lock bolt and outer washer. Position the Carbide Cutting Wheel over the inner washer and inside the guard, and then bolt it to the Saw-Max, tightening the bolt with the hex wrench.

  3. Cut the Strip: Measure and mark the cut on the unfinished side of the hardwood strip, using a speed square and a pencil. Mark it clearly so that you can see the cut line when cutting. Secure the strip with a clamp and make the cut with the Saw-Max, moving the tool smoothly and slowly.

  4. Place the Strip: With the cut complete, position the strip and tap it into place with a rubber mallet.

Tips and Warnings

  • When cutting wider planks, use the Dremel Miter Guide Model SM840 or the Circle Cutter & Straight Edge Guide Model 678-01 to ensure straight cuts.

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