Dance Costume Theme Ideas For Pom And Dance Squads

The costumes are one of the best aspects of a pom or dance squad, and here are some theme ideas.

The costumes are one of the best aspects of a pom or dance squad. Great apparel will catch the audience's eye before a performance even begins. Themed costumes are fun to make and they look fantastic. Here a few ideas for theme costumes:


Fairies are whimsical and imaginative. They are also very feminine and pretty, so fairy costumes are an excellent choice. They are very easy to make, which makes this selection even more appealing. Each squad member should get a leotard in a pale color or in white. Decorate the leotards with rhinestones and fabric paint that contains sliver glitter. Sew silver ribbons onto the leotard so that they just hang on it. When it is worn during dances, the ribbons will float about and create a lovely effect. Next, decorate simple white tutus with scattered sequins and small bows. To make wings, shape wire hangers into wing shaped, and then cover the wires with pure white nylon stockings. Make straps for the wings out of thick decorative ribbon. Decorate the wings with glitter and fabric paints.


If you are trying to come up with theme costumes for a squad of young girls (under the age of twelve), then animal themes are perfectly acceptable. Plus, little girls will be elated to dress up in animal costumes. Kitty costumes are an adorable option, and they are really easy and affordable to create. To make pretty kitty costumes, start off with a simple tan-colored leotard and tights. Use fabric paint to make cat-like designs (patterns resembling a cat's coat of fur). You could also use a fabric glue to attach pieces of faux fur to the leotards and tights. Let the girls help you to design the costumes so that they will be able to take even more pride in their squad and in themselves. Make a tail out of ribbons, so that when the girls are dancing, the ribbons will be flowing behind them. To create cat ears, glue triangular pieces of a sturdy fabric to a simple head band. Draw on whiskers with costume makeup - regular eye liner will be harder to remove.


Nowadays, many dance and pom squads dance to modern hip hop music, so it is no wonder that hip hop dance costumes are gaining popularity. One of the benefits of a hip hop inspired costume is that you probably won't need to look much further than your closets at home to create the look. A backwards hat or a bandana is a great place to start. Next, have the girls wear brightly colored tank tops underneath baggy fleece or denim vests. Not everyone has to wear the same colors - that will add to the hip hop style. Denim shorts should finish off the look, but make sure that the legs of the shorts are not the same length - one should be noticeably longer than the other. You might also provide each squad member with a pair of sun glasses to wear at the beginning of the act to be taken off once the beat picks up - that is a crowd pleasing move.

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