Is "Dark-Green" Or "Natural" Building The Natural Direction Of Green Building

Is "dark-green" or "natural" building the natural direction of green building. The bottom line will dictate whether homebuilding will become more natural or "dark green.". I'm hoping it would be the case that...

I'm hoping it would be the case that natural building would become the general direction of home building, but probably not, because there's less money to be made in it. There aren't big profits to be made by corporations from green building. Large construction corporations and manufacturers have quite a bit to gain from moving toward green building principles. And they would certainly have nothing to lose by adopting them. All they would have to do is alter their manufacturing processes and strategies a little bit. For instance, they could make non-toxic insulation instead of toxic insulation. They could make high energy efficient windows instead of low energy efficient windows.

But I think the only thing that's going to dictate the construction industry as a whole moving toward natural building is the bottom line. Other than people who just have an awareness of the idea that we should conserve our resources and use non-toxic building materials, people won't begin to want green building to become the homebuilding trend until they can afford it. And most people really don't understand why they should want to build a house out of straw or mud. The people who do have an understanding of why they should are already on board. They're not the problem. The general public doesn't really get that. The only way they're going to understand it is if the bottom line changes. If someone is able to build them green built houses that are within their budgets, more so than a conventional house, that's what's going to change the thinking, unfortunately. But that's the way it is.

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