Dating Basics: How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

There are a few fairly simple ways to tell if a girl likes you.

When you are a player in the dating game, you are constantly faced with insecurities and challenges.It can be as hard to read your date's feelings as it is to decipher a professional poker player's bluffing face.One of the reasons that it is so difficult to know if a girl is interested in you is that many girls are insecure about themselves, and they do not want to make it obvious that they like you before they are certain that you like them.Many girls are also insecure about their looks or their attractiveness, and they are simply not bold enough to express their feelings to you in plain English.If you are a dating novice, it can be especially tough to read between the lines and determine whether or not your date is interested.However, there are a few fairly simple ways to tell if a girl likes you.


I'm sure you've heard that actions speak louder than words.Well, it's true, and that's why reading your date's body language can be very helpful in determining whether or not she likes you.When the two of you are talking to each other, does your date ever touch your arm or leg?If yes, that is a good sign.Reaching out and making a physical connection establishes a bond between the two of you.It means that she is very interested in what you have to say, and she is glad to be there with you.With that in mind, you can show your date that you are interested in her by touching her arm when she is talking - not in an inappropriate or overbearing way, just a light touch of acknowledgment.Eye contact is also a clue as to your date's feelings.If she makes direct eye contact with you when you are talking, glancing away only when it seems like the two of you have had your eyes locked for an awkward yet romantic period of time, then that is a very good sign.For one, it is obviously saying that she can't take her eyes off of you, and therefore she is certainly interested in your looks, but also, she is keeping her gaze with you because she is truly taking in everything you have to say.On the other hand, if your date is constantly diverting her gaze, looking at her watch or at the floor, or just around the room when you are out on your date, it generally means that she does not feel entirely comfortable with you, and she is not feeling a strong connection or interest as of yet.It could be that she is very nervous, and she has trouble focusing her attention when she is dealing with her nerves, and in that case, you should do your best to make her feel more comfortable - make jokes, ask some questions about her, etc.You should also see if her legs are crossed with her foot pointing towards or away from you.If her foot is pointing at you, that means she likes you, and she wants to get closer to you.If her foot is pointed away, then she is not yet interested in you.The last, and most obvious, body language clue is at the end of the date.If she lets you kiss her, she likes you.If she turns for you to kiss her on the cheek, she still might like you, but she doesn't feel ready to kiss you yet.You should pursue a second date.If she moves back when you go in for the kiss, she probably doesn't like you - that is a harsh move.If she ducks the kiss, but gives you a hug, that could mean that she is more interested in having you as a platonic friend than as a romantic interest.


The talks that you and your date share together can be very beneficial in figuring out if she likes you or not.If your date talks about herself non-stop and never asks any questions about you, then she is either incredibly self-absorbed or she is not interested.If she asks you lots of questions, then she likes you, and she wants to get to know as much about you as she can.Don't forget to return the favor.If she compliments you, then that is another sign that she likes you.If she asks about your past relationships, she likes you.However, try to avoid talking too much about ex-girlfriends except to make it clear that you are completely and verifiably single now.If she is constantly talking about or comparing you to an ex-boyfriend, that is a sign that she is still hung up on her ex, and therefore she is not very interested in pursuing a relationship with you.If you make her laugh a lot, that is another sign that she likes you.If she never laughs at your jokes, then she most likely does not like you.If the two of you have really profound and meaningful discussions, you can be pretty positive that she likes you.

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