How To Decide If The Bald Look Is Right For You

Some tips for men who are deciding whether or not to adopt the bald look. Discussion about who looks good bald, who doesn't.

Women aren't the only ones who get a sudden urge to change their hairstyles. Just like women, some guys change their hair do only to find sometimes that it just doesn't suit them. Other times they try a new style and everyone thinks it looks great. Many guys are going for the bald look because it's easier to take care of and lots of women love the look. If you're considering the bald look for yourself think it over first. Will you be a guy who looks great with this change? Will you be one of the ones who suddenly looks old after shaving his head? These are only some of the things to consider. A style that looks great on one guy might not look so good on yourself.

Keep in mind if you decide to shave your head that it probably hasn't seen sunlight in quite some time. If you've got a great tan you might look kind of weird with a big, white head on top of the nice tanned body. Skin that has not been exposed to sunlight in quite awhile will burn very easily. Wear a hat when going outdoors and expose your newly shaved head only occasionally until it has gotten a little more used to the sun. And waiting until winter months can be very cold without hair, depending upon where you live.

As a child many head injuries can occur, however minor. Even the least of head injuries can leave a scar that you may not know you still have. If as a child, or an adult, you've had several injuries to the head you might want to reconsider the bald look. If you're not self conscious about scars go ahead and try the new do and see if it suits you. Keep in mind that if you don't like it you'll have several weeks to wait before it grows back.

One other thing that some people don't take into consideration until it's too late is the shape of their head. You don't realize if you have a pointed head or odd shaped noggin until you've shaved off all your hair. You could end up looking very frightening. On the other hand you could discover that your head is perfectly shaped and your new do makes you look super suave.

Have people told you all your life that you have big ears? Although people can be cruel sometimes you should listen to them. Big ears or ears that stick out will be much more apparent after the head is shaved.

Slight people who decide to shave their heads could be disappointed when they find that the bald look makes them seem even shorter. Although it's not true for all small guys it is true for most.

If you're a tall, large person the bald look might make you seem menacing. Unless that's the particular look you're after you might want to opt for a short cut rather than baldness.

Ultimately it is the decision of the guy whether or not to shave his head. There's no real reason not to try it if you want to since you can always let it grow back if you don't like it.

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