Decopauge For Furniture

Decoupage is a craft used to decorate many different types of items. Furniture is one of the things you can successfully decoupage. All you need is some glue, scissors and your imagination.

The art of decoupage has been around for centuries. It has a long history that can be traced back to many different countries. Decoupage is derived from the French word decouper, meaning, "to cut out." Most crafters define decoupage as the creative art of assembling, pasting a varnishing paper cutouts to various decorate objects. Many hobbyists enjoy the art of decoupage because of its endless possibilities. The decoupeur is only limited by his/her imagination because when it comes to using this means of crafting you can let your creativity run wild!

One popular item to decoupage is furniture. Furniture can be personalized by adding a unique individual touch. You don't have to spend a lot of money to create a decopauge masterpiece to display in your home. A popular piece of furniture to decoupage is a dresser. It is not uncommon to see a decoupaged dresser in a child's room, especially if the one or more of the parents are artistic or crafty people.

Decoupaging a dresser for a child is easy, inexpensive and enjoyable. All you need is a few supplies and your imagination. Here is a list of supplies you need to successfully decoupage a dresser that would be ideal for a kid's room:

Piece of furniture""old or new dresser (something relatively inexpensive)

Paint or stain""use colors that will accent the bedroom décor

Glue""Plasti-tac works well (you can purchase it at any craft or home improvement store)

Varnish and sealer""this is used to secure the prints and images you wish to use

Sand paper""used to prepare the surface of the furniture if needed and to sand the glue and sealer at the end.

Scissors and prints""you will need to cut out the prints and pictures you want to use. Thin paper works best when securing the picture to your object or piece of furniture

Once you have purchased your supplies you are ready to get started. The first step is to prepare the dresser. You need to make sure it is painted and ready to decorate. Then cut out the prints you are going to use. If you are decorating for a child's room use prints of characters the child likes or things that will accent the existing décor in the bedroom. After you have evenly trimmed your prints then you are ready to assemble the paper and attach it to the dresser. Try a few different arrangements before you permanently attach your prints. When you have decided on the design then you are ready to glue the pictures onto your dresser. Once you have successfully glued the prints to the furniture it is time to apply a coat of varnish over the pictures. You may have to use a few coats of varnish (make sure you let it dry completely between each coat). After you have applied the varnish and let it dry completely then run your hand over the print and decide if it needs to be sanded a bit to smooth out the finish. Make sure you are using fine sand paper so you don't damage your picture while sanding the coats of varnish. When the texture is satisfactory then you are ready to apply the sealer for your final finish. Two or three coats of sealer should be sufficient, but again, allow ample time between coats for drying. When the sealer is dry you are ready to display the dresser in the bedroom.

Decoupage is an activity you can do to create a variety of objects. You can use decopauge to add new life to an old piece of furniture, to decorate picture frames or even paste designs on ceramic plates. Even children can enjoy and construct a decoupage craft. Anyone with glue and some scissors is ready to create an attractive, unique decoupage item.

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