How To Decorate Bakeware Bottoms For Wall Hanging

Old cookie sheets and pie pans can be turned into beautiful wall hangings with a few supplies and a little imagination.

Before throwing out your old bake ware consider decorating it and hanging it on the wall. If you're a pretty good artist you could paint a country scene or a holiday picture. Use glitter paints for snow or silk fir trees for dimension. If you're not so good with a paintbrush there are all kinds of other ways to decorate.

Look at a home improvement or craft store for a product that makes any surface magnetic. It comes in a spray can and is easy to use. Sand the bottom of the pan if necessary. Spray the bottom of a baking sheet with it and hang it on the wall. Use small magnets to hold messages to the baking sheet. Most baking sheets have a hole at one end for hanging. Put a decorative lace border around the edges with hot glue.

Purchase magnetic sheet for your home printer and print a sea scene or something else of interest to you. Paint a cookie sheet and allow to dry then position the magnetic photo. Hang. Something similar can be done to a muffin pan. Print out circular magnetic pictures of fruits or vegetables to affix on each section. Glue tiny grapes and cherries around the perimeter of the pan.

Purchase a piece of brocade upholstery fabric to attach to a cookie sheet. The fabric comes in many beautiful designs. Add lace or other embellishments around the edges of the cookie sheet.

Purchase a mat that goes inside of a picture frame to display several different photos. Arrange the photos on a baking sheet. Place plastic wrap or clear plastic over the photos then glue on the mat. Now use dimensional paint to make it look more like a picture frame. You can use the frame to hold a certificate, a newspaper clipping or even a portion of a poster.

You don't have to use the rectangular pans only. Round pizza pans or pie pans are great for making a mosaic. Since the pans have a rim it makes a nice frame around the mosaic if you paint it first. Lay the mosaic tiles in the arrangement that you've chosen. It can be a fruit arrangement or simply say "My Kitchen". Use a cloth picture hanger on the back for hanging on the wall.

Do a paint-by-number picture then affix it to the baking sheet. Use cord for the border to frame the picture.

Lay a baking sheet lengthways on a table. Paint the bottom tan then the middle blue and the top portion white. Glue on a small craft lighthouse and a flat wooden boat. Add embellishments like a section of netting, starfish and shells. Hang in bathroom.

There's all sorts of designs you can do with the flat wooden shapes. Buy a Christmas tree shape and glue on painted wooden package shapes. Paint ornaments on the Christmas tree shape then attach real pieces of foil icicles. Or glue a large wooden pumpkin with silk leaves all around for a fall door arrangement. There are many different ways to decorate the baking sheets and other metal pans. Experiment with different ones and make one for each room of the house.

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