How To Decorate Your Bathroom With Fun And Creative Accessories

How to decorate your bathroom. Simple ways to improve the look of your bathroom using accessories, many of which you may already have in other rooms of the house.

One of the rooms in many houses that tends to be passed over for decorating is the bathroom. While this may not be the most glamorous room in the house, it may very well be the most functional. If you have a plain bathroom and do not have a lot of money to spend on decorating, a great way to give your bathroom a makeover is by using fun and creative accessories to spruce it up. Some ideas to get you started are as follows:

*Wine rack of towels - One of the simplest ways to add color to your bathroom is by using a variety of towels. While hanging towels over a towel rack is nice, consider trying something a little different and creative to really catch the eye. For example, buy an inexpensive wine rack that holds four to six bottles of wine. This should be a rack that can be set on a counter and not take up too much space. Get one small hand towel for each wine bottle opening in the rack. These can be towels of all different colors or towels in a similar color scheme. Just choose whatever will look the nicest in your bathroom. Fold each towel lengthwise in half and then roll the towel up starting from one end going to the opposite end. Place each towel in the rack in a similar manner to how you would place wine in the rack. For a more elaborate look, tie a decorative bow or ribbon onto the rack. Place the rack on your vanity or other area of the bathroom where you have extra space.

*Drawer pull for hanging towels - Instead of hanging a plain towel ring on your wall, hang up an old or antique drawer pull. These decorative drawer pulls can often be found at flea markets or garage sales for a nominal price. Connect the drawer pull to the wall using screws. You may even want to hang two or three in an area to create a collection look. Simply hang a towel through each of the pulls for a nice display.

*Basket of decorative soaps and lotions - If you have an extra basket around the house, consider putting it to good use by filling it with decorative soaps and lotions. Multi-colored glycerin soaps are especially eye-catching for decorating. These items can also be used as the need arises. These types of soaps and lotions may be purchased at many drug stores and specialty bath shops. You may want to tie a bow around the basket handle for an added effect.

*Flower pot for miscellaneous items - Bathroom accessories should not only be decorative, but should also be functional. Everyone has miscellaneous bathroom items such as hairbrushes, hairspray, and shaving cream that they use on a daily basis. In order to make these items easily accessible, but to avoid the clutter of these items sitting out on the counter, put them all in a nice flower pot in the corner of the vanity. Many specialty and garden stores carry beautifully painted flower pots. If you do not find one you like or if you would like a less expensive option, paint your own terra cotta pot to your liking. Be sure to seal the paint with a spray-on or brush-on top coat sealant to keep the paint from peeling or chipping.

There are numerous ideas for ways to improve the look of your bathroom using simple accessories. When you begin to look at common household items in a new light, you can come up with endless decorating possibilities. Just be sure to use your imagination and have fun!

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