How To Decorate A Bedroom With A Far East Theme

Design tips and ideas for creating bedroom decor with a Far east theme.

If you're looking for something out of the ordinary for your bedroom decor why not try a far eastern theme? It's a very elegant look with brilliant red, ebony and touches of gold. Start with red carpet and use black and gold for the bed set and curtains. Or switch and lay black carpet with red and gold linens. Heavy gold-colored rope tie backs are perfect for setting off the curtains. A cane bed is the ideal centerpiece for the room with tapestries from the Far East on the floor. Or replace the cane bed with a black lacquered piece that is large and comfy.

Sew oriental scarves together and stuff them to make throw pillows. Or purchase silk pillows and decorate them yourself then sew tassels on the corners. Use the scarves around the room to cover night stand or dresser tops.

Purchase plain satin sheets of red or black and use stencils and fabric paint to put a Chinese symbol on the pillowcases. Use a smaller version of the symbol to go around the edge of the top sheet. The same can be done for solid colored shams and quilt. Rubber stamping is another way to place the symbols on curtains and linens. Appliques are another way to add a far eastern theme to solid colors and otherwise ordinary bedroom items. Although they're designed to be sewn fabric glue makes it much easier to add the embellishments.

Hang Chinese lanterns on each side of the bed or maybe a swag lamp with a Chinese design somewhere in the room. Pictures on the walls of pandas or leafy bamboo are a nice touch, along with a large jade Buddha on a dresser. Chinese pottery sitting here and there with greenery adds a nice homey touch around the room. Place a Chinese urn on each side of the bedroom door then paint the door red. The entrance will look authentically far eastern. Purchase jade floor elephants and matching ones for night stands. The elephants come in designs that hold plants or even hold a flat, solid top. A marble or glass top on the elephant back gives a little more surface area to the night stand.

Chinese fans are gorgeously painted nowadays. Hang a giant one over the bed on the wall then smaller ones aligned on another wall. A large wall can hold a large fan and a few smaller ones. On still another wall consider a framed calligraphy piece, a rice paper hanging or Chinese swords and sheaths.

Install shelves in a corner or high around the room for setting various sizes and designs of dragons, cork sculptures, Buddhas, and kung fu figurines. If you've visited the area use the shelves to display your far eastern souvenirs and collectibles.

Rice paper screens give elegance to the room and allow you to section out a changing area or closet space. They are usually hinged and can be easily moved about the room or folded and set aside.

Look for wallpaper that will go along with your theme. Lotus blossoms, pandas or leafy sugar cane are patterns you might consider even if only for a border.

To complete the effect choose a far eastern look in an incense burner and burn scents reminiscent of the orient.

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